Urban degeneration came out v two lipstick palettes that are part of their Holiday 2016 Collection. The Urban decay Vice Lipstick Palettes save twelve shades each that are all part of the newer Vice lipstick line. Junkie vice Lipstick Palette has more fun and colorful shades while Blackmail houses neutrals but also some mr of color.

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They both come in beautiful gold accented gunmetal situation which also has a lid that avoids the lipsticks from dry out. You will uncover shades in six different finishes through colors varying from shimmery to matte, dark to light and also neutral to bright.



Both palettes likewise come through a retractable lip brush i m sorry is of good quality and also helps with application.

The Urban decay Blackmail vice Lipstick Palette comes v 12 various shades and also six finishes. Shades the are had in the palette are:

Sheer shame (berry)

Firebird (deep fuchsia)

Big Bang (bright pink sparkle)

Disobedient (medium pink)

EZ (bright red-orange)

714 (bright red)

Vanished (pale neutral nude)

1993 (medium brown)

Ex-Girlfriend (nude-rose w/pink shimmer)

Amulet (metallic brick rose)

Conspiracy (plum-bronze shimmer)

Blackmail (deep berry wine)


I have a bunch that the complete sized evil lipsticks therefore I was able to compare the formula and I’m happy come report the they have the specific same formula through their complete size lipsticks. Sometimes when it involves lip palettes the pigmentation suffers due to the fact that they need to be melted down however that is no the situation with the angry Lipstick Palettes.


Swatches the the Urban decay Blackmail vice Lipstick Palette l to R: Sheer Shame, Firebird, Big Bang, Disobedient, EZ, 714, Vanished, 1993, Ex-Girlfriend, Amulet, Conspiracy, Blackmail

The Urban degeneration Junkie angry Lipstick Palette additionally contains 12 various shades yet in 5 finishes. Shades that come in the color board are:

Disturbed (deep brick red)

714 (bright red)

Carnal (medium warm nude)

for sure Word (neutral nude-pink

Studded (metallic gray-brown)

Whip (soft pink through gold iridescent shimmer)

Wrath (metallic red)

huge Bang (bright pink sparkle)

Firebird (deep fuchsia)

Vanity death (lavender)

Speedball (deep colorful purple)

Junkie (metallic teal shimmer through gold micro-sparkle)


This palette includes some neutrals but most of the shades are all bright and also dark fun pops that color. The shades it seems ~ the same top quality as the other palette and it likewise comes in the exact same packaging.


Swatches the the Urban decay Junkie angry Lipstick Palette together to R: Disturbed, 714, Carnal, Safe Word, Studded, Whip, Wrath, Big Bang, Firebird, Vanity Kills, Speedball, Junkie

I think both palettes space a great option if you take trip a many or if you’re a assembly artist. It’s also a great option for people who would like to try more shades from the vice Lipstick line but do’t desire to purchase the full size lipsticks. The palettes room priced in ~ $35 for this reason it’s basically the price that you would pay if you acquire two angry Lipsticks. Of food every shade is much less product than your full size lipstick yet I still think it’s precious the price tag.

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You can find the Blackmail angry Lipstick palette on urbandecay.com and the Junkie angry Lipstick palette in ~ Sephora. Both are restricted edition however still in stock.