The 19-member team’s initiative in Orlando resulted in the very first dance division medal placement in team history.

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The university of Nebraska at Omaha Dance Team had a banner weekend at the universal Dance association (UDA) university Nationals vain in Orlando that had the group’s first dance department medal location in team history with a No. 3 end up in division I Pom.  

The 19-person team likewise had a top three finish in the department I game Day category and a peak five finish in division I Jazz. Team coach Mo Marmesh said the team’s unity help drive them come the competition’s optimal tier. 

“This team dances because that each other and also for your school,” Marmesh said. “When a team is as combined as these 19 are, they have a level of decision that is unstoppable. They room truly a family. It"s an exhausting weekend, both mentally and physically, and also yet your focus and also resolve to placed out better, more powerful performances after every round never faltered. I have the right to only it is in proud of them, and also I honestly cannot wait to carry out it all again following year.” 

The group’s historic outing Jan. 17-19 on the nationwide stage followed a strong regional performance previously this month at the UDA Spirit the America regional Championship in Minneapolis.  

“I am very proud that what the run team has completed and how the community supported your efforts,” UNO spirit & legacy Director bill Pickett said. “Each year, they store getting much better and better.” 

The 2019-2020 UNO dance Team members are:   

Candace Aquila Jadyn Bechtold  Brea Bradley  Mia Esparrago Ellie Fangman Joslyn Griffiths Jenna Grote  Kai Harris  Kayla Horan  Cameron Krishna  Brianna Ostronic  Brooke Peterson  Abigail Quillen  Kylie Reiners  Cassidy Sarver  Emily Stephenson  Madison Stock  Shelby Tomasek  Joscelyn Vincent  


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