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There are 6 broad species of bankruptcy in the joined States. The southerly District of Florida hears cases on five of those:

chapter 7: "Liquidation," in which the debtor"s assets room sold and also the proceeds are spread to creditors Chapter 11: "Reorganization," typically of corporations and partnerships chapter 12: Bankruptcy for household owned farms and also fisheries chapter 13: "Adjustment" of one individual"s debts through time, usually three to 5 years, to repay creditors


The following is the process for submit bankruptcy in the southern District the Florida"s U.S. Bankruptcy court:

Generally, when an individual, a couple, or a corporation files for bankruptcy, creditors are notified and also the debtors receive an automatically "stay," preventing any further collection attempts or fairy garnishments. Much of a bankruptcy procedure is administrative, and also under some creates of bankruptcy the applicant may not go before the judge. The officer that the court that handles come details of the case and works with debtors is the trustee assigned to the case.

Bankruptcy filings

Below is a tendency line following total filings in the southerly District that Florida indigenous 2001 come 2010. The number of filings fluctuated throughout this decade, reaching a peak of 36,468 in 2005 and dramatically dropping come a low of 7,801 in 2006.<3>


The United says Bankruptcy Court, southerly District of Florida is situated in the Claude Pepper Federal building in Miami, Florida. The structure was draft in 1961 by architects Steward-Skinner Associates and also engineers Charles Giller Associates under contract for the basic Services Administration. The building was created in 1964 and also was called after the significant former democratic Florida congressman, Claude F. Pepper.

According come the nationwide Archives and also Records Administration: "The structure houses employees of numerous agencies, consisting of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, room of Veterans Affairs, Social protection Administration, and U.S. Marshals Service. Like numerous of its contemporaries, small distinguishes the framework from contemporary office buildings that can be checked out in countless American cities, no one does the architecture give ideas that this is a commonwealth building."<6>

Bankruptcy court districts

US Bankruptcy courts are divided into three districts in Florida:

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