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Undercover Boss returns to CBS tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT with an episode specialized to Buffalo wing & Rings. CEO Nader Masadeh appears on the display on behalf of the firm and go undercover come make certain his recipes space doing well. The runs throughout some unanticipated obstacles top top his journey to success. Obtain our 5 rapid Facts top top the agency and its episode below.

1. Masadeh Is faced With a “Fiery” Manager

This illustration isn’t every fun and also games together Nader Masadeh is face with a feisty manager at one of his stores. If on the job, the manager speak Masadeh that he believes fear gets respect. The calls every one of his employee dumb-asses because he says most of lock are simply high-school kids. He also says, “You can’t questioning dumb people to execute smart things.” This is very upsetting come Masadeh. Masadeh trust the manager Wes is nothing but a bully.

2. Among the employee Compares the agency to Buffalo Wild Wings

Masadeh visits the Chicago area and also goes to one of their optimal stores to work with a server named Amber. Masadeh is posing together “Pete” as he make the efforts to uncover out the successes that this Chicago location. One point that does uncomfortable Masadeh right here is that Amber compares Buffalo wing & rings to Buffalo Wild Wings.

3. Nader Masadeh started His job Washing Dishes at Burger King

Before coming to be the “Sauce King that Cincinnati, Masadeh washed dishes at Burger King before graduating come Taco Bell. He additionally worked together his dad and every one of his restaurant ventures. The franchise the Buffalo wings & rings came about in the 1980’s, however in 2004, Masadeh and his dad bought into the franchise. Eventually, Masadeh bought both the franchise and the concept.

4. Masadeh has to Dress Up together the Company’s Mascot

When Masadeh is in disguise he ends up coming confront to face with the company’s mascot chef Buffalo. Masadeh is an extremely excited because he actually developed the mascot and has been “itching” to try it out. At an American Cornhole competition, Masadeh mirrors up in costume and cheers people on. He also takes pictures and also passes the end coupons.

5. Buffalo wings & ring Is a sporting activities Restaurant Franchise


Buffalo wing & rings is a “club-level sports restaurant franchise through a chef-inspired family-friendly menu.” CEO Masadeh newly told the they space redesigning the stores because that a brand new look, explaining that:

We want to develop a new experience for consumer who desire the sporting activities experience, yet don’t want it in a sporting activities bar. It’s no the timeless sports bar – the dark, masculine, fried food type of concept.

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