iTunes Preorder: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1126901431?ls=1&app=itunesserpents of death crawling under your skinif i take a gambling you deserve to guess that gonna wini to walk in the jects there is no no protectioni function in hoods every city ns inim that grey born gorilla the end the concrete jungleducking from the dope cuz i just shot a bundlescarecrow make the chopper drum shots rumblescarecrow got the dope game from mine unclestill favor the drugs end bitchesbetter clock the side the you pickingsnakes start hissingheads begin missingrest in piss to the ones im killingchief keef drillincodeine spillingblood on my linen from the cuts never healinghot boys out the crypt v a mouth fulla scriptsbody bags zip when the total hammer clickruby leveled upruby gone globalepidemic proportioni got the torch and also now i'm lighting increase gas on the porchkick backnow i'm bored$lick asked for the shortflick ash because that the sportruby wrestles several devils in the 7th ward yet ruby can't afford to move toward the hoard just yetseventh ward dragon with a fiery sword through the neckengulfed in flamesengulfed in blood as it rain from the red heaven that yung plague has actually escapedlevitate over Lake Pontchartrainset em straightno we space not the sameyeah it's hard to remain once your me slainyeah it's all the remains once your me maderuby bout to take a 2nd breathembrace yourself since all that remains is the blood stains

Genre zero Rap

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DUCKIN native THE DOPE cause I JUSY shooting A BUNDLE

Comment by prod.hitem

got the dope game frm mine uncle

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