I was reasoning of purchase the tzenkethi dreadnought carrier and also want to understand those of you who have it what you think of it's console, its properties its stats and of course its hanger pets etc.

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Honestly, the Tzen-tar is my favourite ship in the game. I picked it up throughout the early promo event and have loved it ever before since.

For starters, the ship is rather tanky. It has Science Vessel-style hull and shield stats, through the yes, really high shield comprehensive offsetting the lower hull modifier. It’s gained a hard 5-2 weapon layout, do it appropriate for park-and-shoot playstyles. It’s likewise a complete Miracle Worker ship, providing it one extra global console slot as well as the special development mechanic, improved Slipstream, and also bonus power. The Tzen-tar is additionally quite maneuverable for a ship its size, and the high inertia rating provides it much less prone come “power-sliding” than most bigger ships.

In regards to BOff layout and also consoles, the delivery is really strong here as well. The greatest downside I watch is the you’re basically compelled to operation the Lt. Commander universal terminal as Engineering, otherwise friend only have an Ensign engineering station to job-related with. V the extra global console slot, the Tzen-tar have the right to run 5 Tactical and 5 science consoles, or also 6 Tactical consoles. The just other ship capable of this is the Maquis Raider.

The trait the comes with the ship, automatic Aggression, is additionally insanely fun! despite it doesn’t perform much against fast-moving enemies like the Hur’q, Undine, or Vaadwaur, the absolutely wrecks slower enemies. The Borg and the Voth space both specifically vulnerable to the spatial charges due to the fact that they move so slowly. No to point out the aesthetics of having dozens of missiles shooting the end of her ship constantly! It’s like flying an pho platform. The console the ship comes through is usually a stronger, faster, clicky variation of this trait’s effects.

The Shuk-din hangar pets also perform an extremely well, at the very least for cannon ships. Once they’re top top target they’re phenomenal, however the piloting AI can use part improvements. A special feature of these frigates is the they use power torpedoes, which renders them a bit more lethal compared to comparable hangar pets.

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I paris my Tzen-tar v the 3-piece console set from the Rhas’bej Battlecruiser and also Shuk-din Escort. All three consoles room really great and occupational well together, however the 3-piece set bonus is what makes it great, particularly for tanking. As lengthy as you have actually allied players in ~ 10km, girlfriend heal everywhere from 2-10% of her max hull every 3 seconds. That works wonders for survivability, and if you run the wonder Worker specialization on top of that you deserve to become practically unkillable.

It’s one all-around remarkable Carrier and also I would recommend it to anyone looking to add another behemoth to your fleet, either because that DPS or tanking purposes!