money = open("money.txt", "r")moneyx = float(money)print(moneyx)The message file, money.txt, includes only this:

0.00The error message I receive is:

TypeError: float() argument must it is in a cable or a numberIt is most most likely a basic mistake. Any advice? ns am using Python 3.3.3.

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money is a document object, not the contents of the file. To gain the content, you have to read the file. If the entire file contains just that one number, climate read() is every you need.

moneyx = float( you could want to usage readline() to review a solitary line or even shot the csv module for more complex files.

Also, don"t forget to close() the paper when you space done, or use the through keyword to have it close up door automatically.

with open("money.txt") together money: moneyx = float(



Money is a file, not a string, thus you cannot convert a whole file to a float. Rather you have the right to do something prefer this, whereby you check out the whole record into a list, wherein each heat is an object in the list. You would loop through and also convert it that way.

money = open("money.txt", "r")lines = money.readlines()for l in lines: moneyx = float(l) print(moneyx)


It"s better practice to use "with" when opening a file in python. This means the document is implicitly closed ~ the procedure is done

with open("money.txt", "r") together f: contents = f.readlines() for line in content: publish float(line)
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