I"ve heard the phrase so many times, however only now am wondering wherein it comes from.

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I understand it is used to median that someone has been tricked, or has in some means fallen because that a trap.


Bob: therefore I ended up buying the volcano insurance native the salesman in the end.

Geoff: Wow! that stitched girlfriend up prefer a kipper.

But what on planet have "kippers" obtained to carry out with anything?



I think it"s a mixture the similes. The may have actually stitched friend up, or he might equally have done you. In the last case, he may have actually done friend brown (like a piece of meat is fine done) or done you favor a kipper (even an ext so, due to the fact that kippers space done, or smoked, for countless hours). Combine the two is a jocular revolve of expression (like without a paddle to was standing on) that is quickly picked up by world looking for a strong or picturesque expression without worried much about its origins.

Edit: I notice (e.g. Here) that done up favor a kipper is likewise widely used. The problem with criminal argot that this era is "Minder", and also the Godfather Effect; that is probably difficult now come disentangle which phrases to be in usage in the 70s/80s and picked up by the scriptwriters, and also which were developed for effect by the scriptwriters, and also picked increase by the vast boys of southern London or Essex.

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I"m not convinced it"s a "mixture the similes". Ns can"t find any kind of relevant references to like a kipper former to around 1970, and also I think as soon as it did come in about then, it started as south London slang.

So I"m lean to credit transaction the explanation offered here, that it"s a recommendation to the the extra wide tie referred to as the "kipper" that became popular around then. Thus called partly due to the fact that the original designer to be Michael Fish, and partly due to the fact that of the tie"s shape.

On the metaphorical allusion to kippers the foodstuff, I"d note that they"re quite unrecognisable together "fish" once they"ve to be split and smoked. They"ve to be well and also truly done over.

Also keep in mind that come have a stitch on someone to be (now obsolete) brothers slang because that to be affected by each other a grudge. I m sorry is more than likely where the later slang stitch someone up came from (it means to "frame" who - falsely do it appear they"re guilty).

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OP"s an ext general definition (to trick someone) is increasingly usual lately, yet I think v or there is no "kipper", most usages tho relate to gift (usually falsely) made to show up guilty.