Trisha Yearwood has lengthy been a trailblazer, but interestingly, she doesn't think the herself together a songwriter.

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"Garth hates as soon as I say this," she admits in a chat v Taste of Country, but, "I don't feel like it comes normally to me. Ns feel like for the it go — it's like breathing — however for me, it's work. I often tend to not perform things the I have to work at."

Still, Yearwood discovered herself falling into the songwriting procedure organically when functioning alongside her husband on "For the critical Time," the lone original track on Let's be Frank, her new cover album of candid Sinatra standards. She recalls the she had actually the title in she head and offered that to her husband before she even started her Sinatra covering project, anticipating the he'd turn it into a song.

"Immediately he started singing this melody the really sounded favor from another era to me," she recalls. Motivated by their relationship, the couple co-wrote the honest track in a matter of weeks. When it to be done, Yearwood knew it wasn't a country song. She flirted through the idea that it becoming a Broadway number, but ultimately couldn't determine wherein it should land. Thankfully, Brooks knew.

"When this document happened, Garth was the one who motivated me come play it for Don . I don't think ns would've otherwise," she recalls.

The "She's in Love with a Boy" hitmaker says she's one to keep her emotions close, but exploring her partnership with Brooks opened up up a delicate side that led to a an individual realization.

"I've constantly said ns was never ever this sappy, I'm-so-in-love-with-you person, I've never been the girl, and I simply thought civilization that to be ... There was something wrong through them," she says, laughing. "And now I'm the girl. I gain it now."

The moving "For the critical Time" verified a organic fit because that the record. It sit just prior to the emotionally "I'll Be seeing You" that closes out the album and is a timeless love song that shows the toughness of the bond between the longtime couple.

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"It was the first thing we've written with each other that yes, really was around us," Yearwood says. "To me the sentiment is, no violation to anyone that come before, I know now why no one of that worked because this is where I'm claimed to be. That really does define us."

Following the relax of Let's it is in Frank, Yearwood is working on a new country album — her an initial in 12 years. It is expected to debut later on this year. Additionally, she and Brooks space planning to record a live duets album in front of fans.