We never thought we"d reach this point, but alas, here we are – Orange Is the New Black"s seventh and final season has officially arrived on Netflix.

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Six years after it first premiered, Orange Is the New Black has given fans a hit of dark comedy, a wealth of outstanding female talent, and almost too much heartache to bear.

Over the years, Orange has bid farewell to a number of Litchfield inmates, but now executive producer Tara Herrmann has spoken out to reveal which death hurt the most.

(Spoiler: It"s not Poussey Washington. Somehow.)

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Ahead of OITNB"s final season, Tara spoke to HuffPost about some of the Netflix series" biggest moments, admitting that the one death she comes closest to regretting is that of season one"s Tricia Miller.

Tricia, who was played by Madeleine Brewer, appeared in the first 10 episodes of the drama until she tragically died from a drug overdose, an ending Tara called "inevitable".

"I mean of course we were sad in season one, with the character of Tricia. We had written that character, we knew what her end was going to be, and then when we cast and worked with her and the character developed, we did have a hard time moving forward with what was her inevitable ending," Herrmann explained.


"But those are the stories that resonate, because you love them, and you"re rooting for them. They"re all really hard, but I don"t regret them, because of the stories we were able to tell through them."

Despite some controversial moments (we"re talking to you, season five), Orange Is the New Black was recently crowned Netflix"s biggest original show ever in official figures.

A massive 105 million users have watched at least one episode of the show, according to the numbers, which is around two thirds of the streaming platform"s subscribers. Whew.

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Orange Is the New Black season seven arrives on Netflix today (July 26)! Seasons one to six are also available to stream on Netflix.

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