Tricia (Madeline Brewer) had been struggling with drug addiction since we were an initial introduced to her in Litchfield. However CO George \"Pornstache\" Mendez, infamous for being one of the worst security of them all, makes sure to save her under his control. He brings drugs into the prison, and also had her market it to other inmates. In ~ first, that seems like she\"s all for it, but then she decides come really try to obtain clean and tells that she can no longer do his dirty work. As you would certainly imagine, he doesn\"t like that answer very much, and forces her to do it anyway. Tricia ends up using several of the drugs she is supposed to sell. When CO mender notices, the locks her in a closet. When he came back, he finds her dead indigenous an overdose. In an effort to cover his own tracks, he makes it look choose a hanging.

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