Go right into the 2F Dorms to speak with Elise to begin the side Quest, climate you’ll have to answer a collection of questions correctly for the full five AP.

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Question #1: What sort of place is ‘Celdic’?, you’ll desire to pick the second choice, market Town.

Question #2: Which location in Crossbell is famous for Honey, you’ll want to choose the 3rd choice, Armorica Village.

Question #3: What is it that the Nord people worship?, you’ll desire to choose the an initial choice, The Wind.

Question #4: What is renowned snow sport in Ymir?, you’ll desire to choose the third choice, Snowboarding.

Question #5: for this question the choice is totally up come you.

Once the class has finished you’ll get a Tear every Balm together with 3000 Mira for completing the Quest.

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