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So maybe they brought ago Trader Joe"s Ube ice cream cream this season to obtain us ready for a brand-new application that ube. Besides, this is gluten-free and has a super kid-friendly color. Yet the flavor of the ice cream was subtle. And if you gain subtly flavored, then you"ll most likely enjoy this too.

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Ube, because that the many part, lends a ethereal nuttiness v a hint of vanilla. But that isn"t all that is walking on here.

Nope, this is mochi. And also I"m still an extremely surprised that they haven"t brought back the Mochi Cake Mix from last year. However in the meanwhile, this will have to suffice (if that is still even on the shelves that your regional store). Heck, also the savory Mochi Kung Pao Balls were pretty good.

Mochi has actually a texture all on its own. It"s springy and also chewy. It is certain an experience. And it often tends to it is in a love/hate form of thing. Some world adore it, while rather abhor it. Me? it is all about where that is used.

I hated that paired v ice cream. But the cake mix critical year was pretty good.

So knowing full well this is a full textural experience, ns opted to do pancakes through this.

The mix doesn"t let you know right away around the ube. The deeply violet hue comes out after you"ve added some liquids. Therefore if you are staring at the bag, fear not, that color will appear.

The various other beauty that gluten-free mixes is the you don"t have to worry about over-stirring the mix. There space no glutens to build here so it becomes, even more, kid-friendly for those with tiny ones who prefer to help around the kitchen.

I went v the the smallest amount of mix here. And also if you space making pancakes, i actually gained closer to 5-6 out of a solitary batch. If you"ve make the efforts making these with a waffle maker, I"d love come hear her thoughts on exactly how it turned out.

But in the end, the purple does get muted through the browning top top a skillet. However, cut into these and also you"ll be hit with the hue.

In terms of pancakes, these come out quite good. Ns didn"t feel favor I was missing the gluten. And the taste and also texture to be on point. Mochi isn"t a bad texture for pancakes.

Add some butter and syrup and this mix is solid regardless of whether you space gluten-free or not. The ethereal taste the the ube is pretty nice here too and plays well through pancake toppings.

Frequently inquiry questions

The adhering to are common reader questions around this product

Does businessman Joe"s have actually Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix?

This is a well-known yet seasonal product. Ube often tends to struggle shelves late feather or beforehand summer.

Does trader Joe"s sell Ube?

No, however they execute sell ube flavored ice cream cream, pancake and waffle mix, and tea cookies

Is businessman Joe"s Ube Mochi Pancake and also Waffle Mix vegan?

While this product is no labeled as vegan, the ingredient list does not point out any animal products in this.


For $3.99 this isn"t a negative mix yet seems to it is in in brief supply at some store. This is just one of those items that ns hope businessman Joe"s adds come the constant rotation of items on shelves.

Would i buy this again? For me, trader Joe"s Ube Mochi Pancake and also Waffle Mix room a yes. Ns really like these. Hopefully, we will check out them top top shelves regularly but it seems favor ube has actually been a summer seasonal flavor.

Did you shot it? allow me recognize what friend think in the comment section!

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