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These trader Joe’s takis are chili and lime flavored chips that space TJs variation of the popular takis rolled corn snack. These are not fairly as warm as the yes, really Takis, however are a pretty good dupe that the real thing. The ingredients are a little healthier, the lime taste stands the end a little more, but in its entirety these room a really great snack. Even if you’ve never had actually taki fuegos or other comparable chips, these space a really an excellent crunchy option with a strong flavor…….…….

150 calories every servingNet Weight: 9 ozChili and Lime Flavored rolled Corn Tortilla Chips, Takis

Trader Joe’s takis version are really flavorful and delicious, yet I think civilization that space die hard fans of really takis will probably not choose these together much. How would everyone compare these purple bagged copycats that the legit takis? i honestly choose both versions a lot, however I will say the the businessman Joe’s version is absolutely a little healthier, which can make me reach because that these if ns craving that hot, chili lime flavor. In terms of various Trader Joe’s chips, i would placed these close to the height for flavor and texture, especially for human being who love spiciness. Pair these through a cool dip and you have the right to eat much more than girlfriend think in one sitting! and if girlfriend can’t make it the end to TJs, give these items a try…..– A Product of Takis Fuego (1 oz., 46 pk.)– Takis Fuego (1 oz., 46 pk.)Price: $2.49

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