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The brand-new student by the surname of Makato Kousaka transfers to a school full of delinquents which is currently undergoing a fight between the various student activities committees. His fleeting expectations of a delicate and loving college girls and a relaxed school life go out the window the minute he meets the claimed queen that the institution Onizuka. What will take place to the school life he dreams of in this romantic/comedy of 2 unlikely partners in school complete of delinquents?

TagsActionComedyEcchiSeinenDelinquentsSchool LifeKanojo no Kagi wo Akeru HouhouVol: 9; Ch: 70Young Champion Retsu2008 - 2015

Haruma"s very first impression the the new transfer student, Chitose, would certainly be striped panties. Running into her in the hallway, Chitose"s panties greet Haruma prior to they also know every other. Immediately, Haruma finds himself attracted come this mysterious panty girl, only to uncover out that she is transfering right into his class and also she"s going to be the new house keeper at his apartment.

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TagsComedyEcchiHaremRomanceSeinenSchool LifeTransfer StudentsNudityBad BoysVol: 22; Ch: 169Young King1988 - 1996

Tsukasa, Yoji, and also Eiji room friends and members of the motorcycle gang called the sky Butterflies. Speak the streets of Hiroshima your goal in life is to height all other gangs in their city.

This dark and intense drama is collection in a boy"s high institution where Kujo becomes the official leader the a gang. Kujo have to constantly defend his position by playing a dangerous rooftop video game with the various other boys vying because that his position.

TagsActionDramaSeinenDelinquentsEpisodicSchool LifeOokamidomo no ShitsukekataVol: 1; Ch: 5Sho-Comi2011

Origawa market Public High institution is a institution filled with rough men. There"s only one girl in this high school packed with wolves. But this tiny sheep isn"t an plain person!

In the 80s, Kaze Takashi"s parents relocated to a quiet area in Tokyo to defend their son from the bad influence that his friends. In class, Takashi doesn"t wait come make new friends. Passionate for motorcycle rallies, castle invite Takashi to join the next event. It ended up being a revelation because that the young man and he decides to sign up with a biker gang! now all that"s left is to find a motorbike...

TagsActionDramaSeinenDelinquentsGangsMotorcyclesPsychologicalSchool LifeHaganeVol: 16Young magazine Uppers1998 - 2003

When forcibly injected v the DNA the Musashi—the legend swordsman—by the mystery organization Akai Umi (Red Sea), Hagane Yakushimaru becomes a master fencer with superordinary powers. She sets turn off to rescue she parents, who have actually been abducted through Akai Umi, do friends and also foes with supernatural beings (parasite projects) who have likewise been injected through the DNA of other historical figures. What is Hagane"s secret? Why is she the only successful mrs DNA injection recipient? What exactly is the project called the "Revelations the the new Millennium"?

TagsComedyEcchiSeinenFetishNewly Co-ed SchoolSchool LifeNudityViolenceBe-Bop KaizokubanOVA (3 eps)Toei Animation1991 - 1993

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Thanks come his unique condition that causes him to attract supernatural trouble, Kagami Kazuya acts together an exorcist withthe help of his partner, the fully incarnated soul of one obi sash, Kiriha. Realizing that Kazuya"s status as a literal trouble magnet could be more than the 2 of them can handle, the monster searching duo decides to begin a consultation group with the aid of their classmates, so the they can subtly store an eye the end for any kind of trouble at their school.

What is Seiichirou Kitano, a boy through the heart of one angel and also the challenge of a devil, supposed to do as soon as he beginning his brand-new life as a an initial year high college student? Accidently loss the college "guardian" and become the most famous and also feared corridor leader in the town, of course! v his "henchmen" Kuroda and Takehisa in tow, Kitano transforms a straightforward act of an excellent will into an all-out war v Hakuun High!

Teaching, Mako thought, would certainly be a walk in the park. V no overtime and also long winter and summer vacations, she’d have the ability to easily conserve money for the day the she could retire – or so she thought. Because that Mako has actually been assigned to the worst of the worst, course 2-D of Ushi High, a group consisted of solely the delinquents! In enhancement to having to tame these unruly guys Mako finds herself with one more task also – to become the brand-new coach for the rugby team, at her principal’s request. Have the right to Mako to convince her guys to fight on the playfield rather of brawling in the streets?

TagsComedySeinenSportsDelinquentsRugbySchool LifeTeachingNudityBe-Bop High SchoolOVA (7 eps)Toei Animation1990 - 1998
TagsComedySeinenDelinquentsHand to Hand CombatSchool LifeMature ThemesPhysical AbuseViolenceIsucaTV (10 eps)ARMS2015

Shinichiro Asano is a penniless high school student that decides to look for a job in order to salary his rent. His teacher argues that he uncover work doing housekeeping. While functioning for the Shimazu family, that meets Sakuya, a beautiful girl that comes off as a bit crude and selfish. However Sakuya is additionally the 37thhead of the Shimazu family and works together an exorcist, capturing and also eliminating undesirable creatures. One day, Shinichiro coincidentally frees one of these creatures and also they need to cooperate to recapture it.


Torako, Don"t rest Everything! is a manga around what is usually a woman MC of a battle shounen who gets stuck in a manga in a more "realistic" setting - leave us with a girl who is hopelessly strong and a tad clumsy, and also tries to become friends with the delinquent girls of her school.Plot-wise over there isn"t much much more to it. It"s just lighthearted fluff, comedy and ecchi. But the character interactions do it funny while it lasted, and also the artist is additionally rather great at drawing funny face expressions or sexy bodies.Sadly the manga finished too soon, due to the fact that the magazine went bankrupt. It"s still a fun, short read though. 6.3/10

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