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Hookerwithapenis indigenous Home"All you know around me"s what I"ve sold you, Dumb f--k." Everyone right here is talking around how lot they understand Maynard James Keenan and also how much of one atheist he is... The truth is, you don"t f--king understand him!!! You recognize nothing! I understand nothing around him! you can"t consider anything he claims as being factual. He knows what come say, and also he says it... Don"t overanalyze him.Thatguy from UsMJK is one atheist. Just since somebody mentions faith or uses spiritual themes, the does no necessarily mean they space religious. His reference to his mother"s innocence is the exact same here, as it remained in APC"s "Judith." the does not know she is going to heaven, but says the if she go she must proclaim her innocence to God. He referrals her innocence as it seems unfair because that a faithful, sinless human to suffer and also die. Angie from Louisville, Ky, KyLet"s store in mind that the time in between Judith and also Wings because that Marie to be of great transition. She to be there, and also then she was mercifully gone. Judith, was to me, Maynard"s an individual anger in the direction of the creator she seemed to think in so deeply also after her stroke and also paralysis. Why would a creator for this reason wonderful and worth having such committed faith in perform something to among his followers? In Wings, it"s about JMK ultimately being complimentary and having the capacity to was standing in former of she creator and say, here I am, I never ever lost faith in you, it"s your rotate to give me what i am fan in the afterlife. Trevor from Tulsa, OkHmmm, faith eh? Toolism. Currently I just have to trademark it. However anyways, excellent song; once I first heard it I assumed it was around Lucifer coming to the gates of heaven and also all that.Alden indigenous Portland, Meand yes TOOL has tons the depth, you could virtually start a religious beliefs from their work.Alden indigenous Portland, Me10,00 work is also nearly the length of a saturn year, which seems far-ranging in regard come the song "The Grudge"Russie from Lubbock, Txof course we"re choose apart a device or APC track that"s what they"re for, ns think the is why Maynard writes lock in the method he does. To get stuff turn off his chest and make united state wonder. I dislike the truth that his mother was in a coma and that he has actually issues. However I love the music he provides from it. Ns wish I can do the same.Michael native Clonmel, Irelandthis track relates come maynards mother.she was in a coma for many part two the text say "shake ur fist in ~ the door saying ive come residence now".this describes his mothers return to heaven ie. The gates of heavenDavid native Lakeland, FlHe wasn"t arrogant to me. He"s kinda funny in person and his sleep is big lolSteve indigenous London, unified Kingdom10 000 days likewise happens come be around 27 year which is the period jim morrison, jimi hendrix and also kurt load diedGeeker indigenous Snickers, WiI think this track is about how Maynard"s father forced him to prostitute himself on skid row for approximatley 27 years once he to be a child. Corporallclegg indigenous Waikoloa, HiIn an answer to Adam from brownsville how would I have actually come up v the idea that what this tune was around if i was oblivious to the writing format of tool? Is her facetious comment agreeing with my observation of the premise that this tune or space you simply trying to humiliation me.Just because that the record I have seen 13 tool shows not including the one I"m going to see tomorrow 12 11 07 at invoice gram memorial auditorium so i think I have a relatively decent grasp on the ideas of device not to cite I met Maynard (who was an arrogant prick by the way) while working in the islands.Tobby native Shreveport, La"10,000 days in the fire is long enough" describes the lot of time his mommy spent in a wheelchairAdam native Brownsville, TnPersonally i believe corporalclegg native the islands is oblivious to the reality that device actually has actually alot that depth to alot of your songs so next time before u underestimate your work, learn a tiny bit about themCorporallclegg native Waikoloa, HiPersonally i think this track is around satan falling native grace and in component 2 his rise back to god (10,000 job in the fire is long enough your comes home) however I could be providing Tool more credit then they worthy to think they would certainly write a track that had that deep the a story behind it.James native Victoria, CanadaHe wasn"t upset at his mother in Judith. In reality i don"t desire to comment on that, leave the for the Judith songfact pageChris from Monticello, KyIn Judith, i don"t for check out him as angry in ~ his mother. He is more questioning 보다 angry.Amie from fort Worth, TxI think that is interesting to watch Maynards attitude change towards his mother. In APC"s Mer de Noms, in Judith, that is upset at she for having so much belief in god as soon as he paralyzed her, however then after she dies he realizes her reasons for keeping faith. See an ext comments
MargaritavilleJimmy Buffett

"Margaritaville" is a state of mind, but it"s most linked with key West, Florida, whereby Jimmy Buffett relocated when he was 24.

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Bangla DeshGeorge Harrison

George Harrison"s 1971 song "Bangla Desh" to be the an initial major charity single. That was part of a concert held to lug relief come the world of Bangladesh, that were fighting for independence and also suffering native a famine.

NastyJanet Jackson

Janet Jackson composed the lyric to "Nasty" in response to random guys calling she "baby."

If i Ain"t acquired YouAlicia tricks

Alicia secrets wrote "If i Ain"t got You" simply after she"d heard the news that Aaliyah had actually passed away. In a airplane crash.

WoodstockCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Joni Mitchell wrote "Woodstock" - the most popular song around the festival - but didn"t attend the event since she to be booked ~ above The penis Cavett Show.

StayLisa Loeb

"Stay" by Lisa Loeb was the very first #1 struggle by one unsigned artist. Ethan Hawke got it in the movie truth Bites.

Janis Ian: Married in London, yet not in brand-new YorkSong composing

Can you it is in married in one country but not another? only if you"re component of a gay couple. One of the an initial famous singers to come out together a lesbian, Janis composed a song around it.

Lou Gramm - "Waiting because that A Girl favor You"They"re playing My tune

Gramm co-wrote this gorgeous ballad and delivered an inspired vocal, but the song was the start of the end of his time through Foreigner.

kris ReaSongwriter Interviews

It take it him 7 years to recoup from his American hit "Fool (If friend Think It"s Over)," but Chris Rea came to be one that the peak singer-songwriters in his indigenous UK.

David Paich that TotoSongwriter Interviews

Toto"s key-board player defines the true meaning of "Africa" and also talks about working top top the Thriller album.

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Stephen Christian that AnberlinSongwriter Interviews

The command singer/lyricist for Anberlin breaks under "Impossible" and covers part tracks from their 2012 album Vital.

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Is Owl City ~ above a search for an additional hit prefer "Fireflies?" Adam answers the question and explains the impacts behind many others.