As component of the key story development of Final Fantasy VIII, you'll it is in tasked v paying a visit to the Tomb the the Unknown King. You'll must head there in bespeak to achieve a distinct passcode to give to Caraway's security in bespeak to achieve entry to Caraway's Mansion - but there's additionally a side quest associated with venturing deeper into the tomb of the Unknown King that will certainly net girlfriend a an excellent reward - a new GF.

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If every you care about how to get the brother GF, check out our full final Fantasy VIII GF ar guide, i m sorry lists the details on this quest in a really quick-fire style - plus info on exactly how to acquire all the other summons. Otherwise, check out on for complete instructions on the dig of the Unknown King quest.


Tomb that the Unknown King sidequest: obtaining the student ID Number

The an easy thing you should do in ~ the tomb in stimulate to progress the story is retrieve the student ID number that's covert there. Very first of every you actually should head to the tomb of the Unknown King - it's North-East the Deling City. So leave the city, head the end onto the civilization map (you deserve to rent a vehicle if you really want), and also head to the tomb.

When you get to the tomb there's an exterior area with a conserve point. It's fine worth conserving if you plan on going deeper right into the Tomb. As soon as you go into the Tomb, head forward/north a couple of display screens until you watch a knife laying top top the floor. Communicate with this knife to discover the college student ID, and remember it: you'll should repeat it back later, and the college student ID is randomized on every play-through and also save file.

Here's whereby your selection comes in: if you want to keep progressing FF8 and also the adventures of Squall and also his seed squad, you can now leave the tomb and head earlier to Caraway's Mansion. Yet continue deeper right into the tomb and also you'll have the chance to fight Sacred and Minotaur, which will certainly net you 2 rare cards and unlock the brother GF. There's likewise some useful enemies in right here that deserve to be farmed or carded for weapon upgrade materials. Here's how.


Navigating FF8's tomb of the Unknown King

First thing's first: the dig is on purpose confusing and also easy to obtain lost in, however you must resist the temptation to ask for aid or indeed rapid travel come the Tomb's exit. Law these points will have a an adverse impact on your SeeD rank and SeeD level. The dig of the Unknown King actually has a map, and you deserve to see it by pressing select Back, Minus or your platform indistinguishable to examine it. The map doesn't have actually an icon pointing where you are, however, so you have to track manually, i m sorry some discover hard. That's why we're here, despite - for this reason here's ours glorious step-by-step on navigating the tomb:

From the display with the discarded knife on the floor through the student ID number, head instantly right.This will put you ~ above a bent path. Monitor it till you reach another four-way fork.Once again, turn ideal here, climate follow the curved course again.Another fork - rotate right when again. This puts you on a dead right corridor. Walk increase it.

In this room, you'll see a character the is plainly not part of the CG background standing on a plinth. This is an ext than a statue...

Ensure you're combat ready, and also then talk come the statue come initiate a battle. This is actually a really simple fight, so that shouldn't be any real challenge to you. If girlfriend really desire to make it trivial, Junction Quake magic defensively in stimulate to rise your resistance come Earth facet attacks. To win this mini-boss, Sacred, and he'll do a little of cursing and then scarper. 

You can now save in this room, and you must it won't hurt. Now it's time for more dungeon crawling:

Now turn around and also exit the room. Head through the straight corridor, back to a branching path.Once again, turn ideal at the fork and also then follow the bent path.At the next fork turn ideal again (are you noticing a pattern?), then approximately the curved course yet again.This is actually the last fork. Rotate right, then follow the straight course in former of you. It looks a little different to last time, through a step, but don't worry around that.

In this room you'll have actually a kind of dam leading to water outside, a chain, and also a draw suggest that will give you to rise Magic, which will come in very handy. 

Once you've drawn, go to the best hand next of the chain and also interact v it. The chain will let the water circulation into the dig of the Unknown King, which subsequently makes some important changes to progressing.

It's time for another bit that navigation. I bet you have the right to guess what it is in this, the most complicated dungeon in FF8 (or probably not):

Exit the dam room at the rear, climate follow the right hallway again. Turn appropriate at the fork and also follow the bent hallway around.Once again, take the best at the fork and also follow the curved hallway again. Turn right at this last fork, climate follow the directly hallway come another brand-new unique room.

This unique room has a water wheel in the background, a save suggest and another draw point. Execute what you should do here, then interact with the cogs on the left the the archway in bespeak to remove something to do the device work. Simple. It's time to acquire on the relocate again:

Leave the room and also walk increase the right hallway.Turn ideal at the fork - shocker! and (gasp) monitor the bent hallway.Once again take a right, then follow the curve yet again. This is it! The final right turn. Rotate right. Climate head straight. Whoops, you're exterior the dungeon! That's okay, though, that's through design.

Use the save point outside the tomb of the Unknown King if you want to; we're about to embark top top a boss fight. As soon as you're ready, simply re-enter the tomb and also this time store walking straight. Up, up, up, north as far and also as frequently as girlfriend can. 

Eventually you'll reach a moat v a drawbridge across it causing a main building. This is what all your puzzle shenanigans did - that made the drawbridge lower. Get in the structure at the middle to meet Sacred and also Minotaur and fight one of FF8's more quickly optional boss battles.


Boss Battle: beating Sacred and Minotaur to gain the brothers GF

As pointed out in our complete FF8 GF places & Abilities guide, the ceo battle versus the brother Sacred and also Minotaur isn't actually all that difficult. The crucial is that these men are earth Elemental, therefore if girlfriend junctioned planet Magic come defense earlier that'll help.

What will certainly also help is the rise magic you attracted earlier in the dungeon. If you case Float on your party members, numerous of the pair's hardest-hitting assaults will miss you entirely. 

The pair favor healing themselves, and also one great way to combat that is to cast Shell ~ above them come lessen the effect of the heals or cast Reflect so your heals bounce and hit girlfriend instead. Simply remember that this will affect your own capability to hit the pair with magic, too.

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If you're going come target one first, Sacred, the bigger of the two, is the weaker. Don't referee by size! 

Once you beat the pair you'll achieve the brothers GF, plus the cards that Sacred and Minotaur. You can take spiritual to the card queen right away, as thorough in our Triple Triad rarely Card places & Queen that Cards guide. When ready, return to Deling City - and also be certain to remember that Student ID, as you'll should tell it come Caraway's door guard.