The two periods are beginning to feel an extremely similar, also down to the old afri American home maids. And I in reality feel choose that 4th dimensional being who have the right to exist exterior of direct time. Reggie Ledoux said Cohle the "he'd execute it again" before Hart shot him, I might argue the Cohle and also Hart were simply repeating what West and also Hays did come Harris. This is every to say that the suggest of the display is that nothing changes, we save repeating the exact same mistakes over and over again since we can't see previous ourselves and also because of the nothing gets solved totally and never will. The present is ultimately about nihilism. The finish of Season 3 will certainly not wrap increase in a way that satisfies, the real bad guys will obtain away. Https://

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I think the entirety "time is a flat circle" is really deeper than the whole "things repeat themselves" idea. Philosophically speaking, if one were to be able to be "outside" the 3D an are time, visibility as we understand it would certainly be flattened. That's what Rust is make the efforts to illustrate with the can be ~ in season one. Watch here:

Think around it this way, reality would be like a DVD. Whatever that has actually happened, will certainly happen, and also is continue is contained on the disc. No matter how many times you watch it, it's constantly the same. If you popular music in Star Wars, you may be the town hall it for the millionth time, however each time Luke Skywalker fights Darth Vader in Empire, it's the very first time because that him.

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If you take three dimensions out of the universe, whatever is flattened and also all events ever are consisted of in one "flat circle"... A singularity.

That's the whole definition of "time is a level circle". We're just experiencing our lives linearly. However looking in ~ it from the outside, the story is happening over and also over again, forever. It never changes and it's constantly the same. Rust is so depressed by this one nature because it way all the bad and also terrible points he's knowledgeable are things he will suffer for eternity. Every time among the "beings" watches his life, it's always the very same "circular f***-up".

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"You'll carry out this again. Time is a level circle."

-Reggie Ledoux

Reggie isn't saying "similar things like this will occur to friend again"... He is accurate saying, "you WILL do THIS again." This really same thing. That's why year later, when Rust finally understands, he tells the detectives depressingly, "This is a human being where nothing is solved. Someone once told me that time is a flat circle. Whatever we have ever before done or will certainly do, we're gonna execute over and over and over again. And that little boy and that little girl, they're gonna be in the room. Again, and again, and also again... Forever."

What that method is that no matter what happens, crimes are never "solved"... Nothing is "solved", that's Rust's point. Reality is prefer a movie where disastrous things that happen do so over and also over again, no issue how plenty of times you watch the movie you can never adjust it. The little boy and little girl will always be there being raped and tortured, there is no fixing anything, just catching who did it, i beg your pardon is fixed a consolation considering the evil the occurs.