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Lando Calrissian’s acquired an impressive résumé, but in his heart of hearts he is a male who just wants to have a an excellent time. Running a mining colony and going to battle was the last thing he ever before hoped to do. In The realm Strikes Back, actor Billy Dee Williams cemented the character in our imaginations; v Solo: A Star wars Story, Donald Glover has carried Lando earlier to the forefront of Star Wars fandom.

In this new series, i’m taking an additional look at my favourite lines in the saga through a focus on separation, personal, instance characters. And also since the spectacular Solo is in theaters together we speak, now we’re counting down few of the best quotes from a smooth-talkin’ scoundrel with an affinity because that fine capes.

1. “How friend doin’, ya old pirate? So great to watch ya!”

Lando’s 1980 development is a brilliant little bit of acting from Billy Dee. What starts as a it is too dirty face-off in between two capable scoundrels quickly turns to a the majority of laughter and hugging. In spite of an awkward little bit of business involving Darth Vader, Lando and Han have actually one that the best friendships in the galaxy far, much away.


2. “Hello — what have we here?”

Leia may not trust Lando in the beginning, however the old smoothie knows just how to make also the most beloved and well-traveled princess feel especially welcome in Cloud City. This is just one of the many oft-quoted lines in all of Star Wars.

3. “You know, that ship’s saved my life rather a few times. She’s the more quickly hunk o’ junk in the galaxy!”

Like Han, Lando has actually an intense love the the Falcon and also a feeling of pride towards its legendary exploits. And now, many thanks to Solo, we recognize a good deal an ext about his distinct relationship through the old YT-model freighter.

4. “Yeah, i’m responsible these days. It’s the price girlfriend pay because that being successful.”

Going legitimate and getting the end from under his debts was supposed to it is in Lando’s route to freedom; running a tibanna-gas mine wasn’t specifically what he had actually in mind. Fortunately, he soon fits ideal in among the heroes that the Rebellion.

5. “You look absolutely beautiful. You truly belong right here with us among the clouds.”

If Leia offers the ideal insults in the galaxy (“…you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!”), climate Lando’s the galaxy’s best complimenter.


6. “This transaction is getting worse every the time.”

Another quotable line whose impact comes greatly from Williams’s performance. As the audience, we’re see a good and decent man being required to cooperate with Lord Vader — a instance most of united state would take into consideration the ingredient of nightmares. Yet Lando keeps his cool and also lives come fight one more day.

7. “Someone must’ve called them around my tiny maneuver in ~ the battle of Taanab.”

After heroically fighting off a fleet the pirates and saving Han Solo’s life, Calrissian it s okay the large break he’s always needed, if not necessarily the one he’d planned for: the location of basic in the Rebel Alliance.

8. “I’ll take great care that her. She won’t obtain a scratch.”

Another great moment through renewed meaning and context, courtesy that Solo: A Star wars Story. It’s likewise a funny little of setup for the assault on the fatality Star — where the Falcon does, in fact, obtain a scratch. (“That was too close,” that says. Actually, think about that quote #8A.)


9. “Everything you’ve heard about me is true.”

Glover’s young Lando is an initial introduced in the scoundrel’s favored habitat: at the head the a map table playing sabacc. Every little thing wild rumors could have sprung up around him, he’s cool v it.

10. “You can want to buckle up, baby.”

When we an initial see the Falcon run to lightspeed in Solo, Lando and also L3-37 space at the helm; Han’s just a passenger, quiet unaware of exactly how truly special the small Corellian delivery is. But you might contact it love at first flight.

Solo: A Star battles Story is in theaters now.

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