The error blog post ‘This computer system does not fulfill the minimum requirements for installation the software’ is often because of the visibility of an external graphics card which, as a result, disables the combined GPU. Other than that, a wrong driver or incorrect OS version deserve to also an outcome in the stated error message. The error mister up as soon as you room trying to either upgrade or download a driver for her Intel GPU i m sorry comes combined with the chipset.

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This computer does not fulfill the Minimum requirements for installing the Software

In some cases, the users are not even able to view the map under the display screen Adapters entry in the an equipment Manager. This usually describes a restriction applied by the BIOS configuration. Various motherboards frequently disable the combined graphics map in the chipset once an external video card is attached come the system. However, that’s not an alleged to take place all the time. We will be looking right into the causes of the error post in much more detail under below. Therefore, without further ado, let us gain into it.

What causes the “This computer system does not meet the Minimum needs for installation the Software” Error Message?

We walk through numerous user reports to have a far better grasp end the stated error message and prepared a list of various reasons which are pointed out below.

Graphics map Disabled in the BIOS Configuration: The error message pops up if you have actually an external video clip card attached to the mechanism in which instance some motherboards immediately disable the incorporated graphics map in the chipset. However, the existence of an external video card is simply a probability and not a defined scenario.Wrong Driver: Another cause of the claimed error message have the right to be the implementation the an completely wrong driver. What this method is that the driver that you are trying to install on your mechanism varies indigenous the one claimed for her graphics card.Incorrect OS Version: If you carry out not already know, every variation of the home windows operating system has actually a various driver accessible which is specifically developed for that variation of the windows OS. For example, if you are running home windows 10 and also the driver that you have downloaded is claimed to it is in for home windows 7 or 8, then, in such a scenario, you are an extremely likely to check out such one error popular music up. Another thing to note is the architecture of your operating system, because that example, you won’t have the ability to install a 32-bit version of the driver top top a 64-bit operation system.

How to deal with the ‘This computer does not accomplish the Minimum requirements for installation the Software’ Error Message?

Now the you are mindful of the reasons of the error message, let us obtain into the options that friend implement to deal with the issue.

1. Usage Intel Driver and also Support Assistant

The an initial thing you should do if you confront the stated error article is to download the Intel Driver and Support Assistant utility that will certainly scan your system configuration and install the required drivers for you automatically. This have the right to be useful when you room not sure of your incorporated graphics card version or noþeles of the sort. To download the tool, just head to this link and click the Download now button. This will start downloading the Intel Driver and also Support Assistant tool.

Alternately, girlfriend can examine the model of your graphics card. When you have your graphics map model, you have the right to head come this link and also download the right driver manually.

2. Install the Driver Manually 

The error message pops up once you are trying to install the driver by to run the setup document of the driver. You can work roughly the error message by installation it manually via the Device Manager. Installing a driver manually is not constantly recommended, however, in this scenario, you deserve to safely carry out so.

Before you acquire on through installing the driver manually, make sure you have actually the best driver download on her system. Afterward, monitor the instructions given below:

Once it opens up up, type in devmgmt.msc and then push the Enter key.
Opening maker ManagerThis will open up the Device Manager window.Now, expand the Display Adapters entry, right-click on your graphics card and then choose Properties indigenous the drop-down menu.Then, switch to the Driver tab and also click the Update Driver button.
Display Adapter PropertiesClick the ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ option.Afterward, click the ‘Let me pick from a perform of accessible drivers on mine computer’ option.
Updating graphics Driver ManuallyClick the Have Disk button and also then browser to the folder you have your driver. Walk to the graphics directory and also select the .inf file. If you execute not have actually a graphic directory, no worries, just pick the .inf (this will certainly be the one meant for your display screen adapter) record and click Open.After that, click Next and also if you space popped up through a message, just hit Yes.Wait for the driver to be installed.

If you do not have actually an Intel Graphics entrance under display Adapters, climate follow the following solution.

3. Permit Integrated Graphics

As that happens, some motherboards room programmed to instantly disable the incorporated graphics card as soon as you have actually an external video card attached. However, in part scenarios, that may not be the case and also your combined card could still it is in disabled. In such a scenario, you will have to permit the integrated graphics card from the BIOS.

Enabling your integrated graphics can vary from manufacturer come manufacturer due to which we can’t administer a defined collection of instructions. However, to offer a turbulent idea, it usually is discovered in the Advanced tab of your BIOS setups usually called IGD Multi-Monitor, iGPU Multi-Monitor or Intel incorporated GPU. Various manufacturers have different characterized keys for booting right into BIOS, so friend will need to look it up on Google.

Enabling incorporated Graphics
by Kevin ArrowsJanuary 9, 2021
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Error: computer system does not satisfy the Minimum requirements error once Installing graphic Driver

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