Miyamoto Musashi is just one of the most professional swordsmen in history. His teachings have been immortalized in his book, go Rin No Sho, also known as The book of 5 Rings.

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While walk Rin No Sho is the most acclaimed, he also wrote another short book a week before he passed away in 1645. This book consisted of only 21 precepts or regulates for life life. That was created in preparation of his very own passing, during a time he was providing away every his possessions, he additionally wished to give away his knowledge. These are the 21 precepts discovered in Dokkōdō.

1. Accept everything just the means it is.

Focus top top what you deserve to control, no what girlfriend can’t. You are better off accepting the world about you and focusing ~ above what you have the right to do within it.

2. Do not look for pleasure because that it’s own sake.

When you look for pleasure, it should be from something lasting and present, no something fleeting and also detrimental. We all seek pleasure, yet we would certainly be wise to emphasis on the pleasures the last for lifetimes.

3. Do not, under any type of circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.

Making half-hearted decisions is essentially make the worse decision. As soon as you act, you are much better off being particular of what you room doing, not wavering or complete of doubt. If things room not crystal clear then wait because that them to end up being so.

4. Think lightly of yourself and also deeply the the world.

Don’t take yourself as well seriously and be humble by discovering that the civilization is so much an ext than yourself. Pay fist to what’s about you and also seek wisdom from everywhere. Being concentrated on yourself alone, is not the path to wisdom.

5. Be detached from desire your totality lifelong.

This precept has a stoic feel to it. The point should no be to chase your dreams, but to live her life together it unfolds. Objectives are great, however don’t let them identify your happiness. Populated on what-ifs and also questioning your decisions only diminish the moment you have on this world.

6. Execute not remorse what you have done.

Life have to not be around regrets. It can be basic to look ago and think of points you should have done or decision you might have made, however the previous is gone. Regretting it gets you nowhere. After ~ all, we don’t understand what the future holds and also this journey you’re on my be specifically what takes you where you truly wish to go.

7. Never be jealous.

Comparison is the thief that joy. There’s no suggest in being jealous of other individuals and also getting down on yourself. Instead, invest your energy on things that you deserve to control and let the remainder take care of itself.

8. Never ever let you yourself be saddened by a separation.

Death is part of life and many people you love will certainly come and go. Girlfriend can’t permit this gain you down, due to the fact that it is no the distance that matters. If you store them close to your heart, lock will always be near you.

9. Resentment and also complaint are suitable neither for oneself no one others.

Complaining around things or hating civilization is counter-productive. You get nothing the end of it and also it only turns you right into a an ext cynical person. Rather be neutral, let things be, and move forward.

10. Perform not let you yourself be guided through the emotion of lust or love.

It can be basic to plot from a ar of lust or love, however that is not always the best decision. Law yourself with respect. Love is important, but don’t put yourself in location that you wouldn’t wish for yourself.

11. In every things have actually no preferences.

You can have favorites, however what you shouldn’t have is a closed mind. Be open up to brand-new experience and also trying new things. If girlfriend don’t endure the new, climate what’s the allude of living.

12. Be indifferent to whereby you live.

It doesn’t matter where girlfriend are, life is living. You have the right to move if girlfriend don’t favor where friend are, yet eventually you’ll realize it’s every the same. Whether it’s a tiny studio apartment or a mansion on the beach, other things issue more.


13. Execute not pursue the taste of an excellent food.

We should eat for our health and also nutrition, no for the taste the food. While that is OK to indulge occasionally, we need to all be wary of gaining addicted to good food and forget our health.

14. Carry out not host on come possessions girlfriend no much longer need.

Things don’t matter, particularly those that room of no value to you. Take the advice of the minimalist and also get rid that the clutter. Only keep what you important need, because it leader to a freedom life.

15. Do not act adhering to customary beliefs.

It’s simple to act like a sheep and follow the herd, but we would all be better off if us thought and acted because that ourselves. Don’t listen to the noise. Instead try to kind your own opinion on what is continue and let them guide you.

16. Carry out not collect weapons or exercise with weapons past what is useful.

Being a samurai, this item of wisdom makes an ext sense. But outside the world of being a warrior, the advice is to understand what girlfriend need and also not distract yourself v unnecessary tools and gadgets.

17. Do not fear death.

We deserve to all die at any type of moment. There’s no luck or reason in the world, which means that fatality will happen when the happens. Gift afraid the it perfect nothing.

18. Execute not look for to possess either products or fiefs for her old age.

What great are valuable possessions as soon as you’re gone? They space for this life, however nothing more. Collecting them, fantasizing about them, is a rubbish of time. There room much better things you deserve to be doing 보다 lusting after ~ objects.

19. Respect Buddha and also the gods without counting on their help.

Believing in God and also expecting things from God room two various things. Life is in her control, don’t count on luck come make things happen. Instead, be humble, work-related hard, recognize there is something better than you, and show gratitude for the moment you have.

20. You might abandon your own body, but you must preserve your honor.

Your time top top this civilization is short, however your legacy and also what that method will far outlast you. Be certain to act v this thought in mind. Don’t execute things that you can’t live with. The actions make the man.

21. Never ever stray indigenous The Way.

There is a path you room on and also you must either monitor it specifically or toss it aside and find a brand-new one. Either way, you choose a path and follow it v all friend have, for it is a symbol of the choices you have actually made and also the ideas you have actually accepted.

Think easy of yourself and also deeply of the world.Miyamoto Musashi

These are 21 precepts that Miyamoto Musashi want to share v the world, simply days before he passed.

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I’m certain we have the right to all view the wisdom in his words. Now we just need come live by them and also realize the they room for ourselves, the individual, to overview us on our very own Way.