It’s basic to forget the the ideal combinations in life – the things that space infinitely nicer with each other than apart – are frequently the many unlikely. Whatever from food to activities to world can be boosted by its logical opposite, or simply something you never would have thought of. In partnership through FOX for the new series Red Band culture Wednesdays at 9/8c ~ above ‘FOX’, below are 17 that the most unlikely (yet wonderful) combinations.


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Laughing therefore hard, you cry.

2. … and also when someone provides the perfect joke right once things room at their many sad, and you can do nothing however laugh really, yes, really hard.

3. Being attracted to people’s imperfections, and the method they combine to make someone much more interesting than conventionally pretty (and all the an ext beautiful for it).

4. Breakfast for dinner.

5. … and dessert because that breakfast. (Life is short. Periodically you need to make sure you eat your fill of every the cake.)

6. Sleeping all day, and then continuing to be up every night and also seeing the sun increase from the various other side. Repeat as needed.

7. Having the type of friendship whereby you deserve to sit together in pure silence or also be half a human being away yet you still never ever feel bored, lonely, or alone.

8. Chocolate. Covered. Potato. Chips.

9. The knowledge that sometimes, things have to concerned an end — love ones die, relationships come to a close, girlfriend graduate from college or leave a task — and yes, you’ll be sad, however that this wake up so that you appreciate the moment you did have all the more.

10. Polka dots and also stripes. Plaid and leopard print. Gingham and seersucker. Leather and also lace. Mix patterns and textures until you can’t anymore, and also then mix lock again.

11. Remembering the asking for aid is sometimes a bigger sign of stamin than struggling through something on your own.

12. The rush of satisfaction that comes with doing miscellaneous you recognize you shouldn’t be doing — but the end result is far better and an ext wonderful 보다 you could have ever imagined.

13. Indulging in childhood favorites (like rereading the take care of Potter publications even though you space a full-blown adult).

14. Dancing in the rain. Go ahead. Perform it one day. See just how it feels.

15. Opposing colors. Black and white is timeless, and few things have the right to make you feel as festive as red and green.

16. Calling environment-friendly juice and a cookie a well-balanced meal. Because if those two linked don’t equal network zero, then ns really don’t know what does.


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everyone thinks that once you enter a hospital, life stops. But it’s simply the opposite. Life starts.