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Gru stop a Gun, likewise known as Things Are about to acquire GRUesome, is a reaction image macro collection featuring the character Gru indigenous Despicable Me stop a gun.


On march 18th, 2018 by iFunny> user clex (shown below) posted the original photo of Gru combined with the Hand Pointing a gun exploitable (shown below, left). The elevator is a final location from the 2017 video clip game Doki Doki literary works Club.

A small over one year later, on may 7th, 2019, Redditor <1> Cuntclitpussy posted photo of Gru with a gun and the subtitle "Things are about to gain GRUesome." they wrote above the image, "Me: "spells woord wrong."" The write-up received an ext than 27,000 clues (97% upvoted) and 300 comment (shown below, right).



The photo of Gru with a gun predates the write-up by possibly much more than a year. The more quickly known consumption of the image was post . The write-up received more than 200 clues (100% upvoted).



Following the post, others used the image with the caption in other memes. On might 7th, Redditor<3> post the picture with the inscription "*makes mother mistakes*." The short article received much more than 15,000 point out (98% upvoted) and 60 comments (shown below, left).

Over the following month, rather posted sport of the image (shown below, center and also right).




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