In this week’s episode, “A Party because that Tarzan,” we gain a crazy opened that starts through Dr. Mrs. The monarch sniping Rusty from broad Wale’s balcony. This goes right right into 21 narrating the story about how he ended up being a king henchman. Way back in season one, us briefly heard that he to be kidnapped together a teenager by henchmen. Gary Fisher, together he was recognized as ago then, was erroneously taken. The real target was Senator Nighthorse Campbell. The king was persuaded that somehow a city council would aid him do the “Venture” surname illegal. The course, his guys kidnap a child instead. The scene quickly switches to present day 21 and the Monarch that reluctantly plans come “thwart” Dr. Heinie, a short level villain who is top top par through him.

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Next, Dr. Mrs. The king narrates a Guild meeting where we find out a ton the backstory about the initial Blue Morpho. He to be the “junkyard dog the the Ventures.” In 1973, Dr. Z assumed he was having actually an affair through tennis star, billy Jean King. However, it transforms out that it to be the Blue Morpho the whole time. Dr. Z still doesn’t know how Morpho pulled turn off the stunt, however he asks everyone simply to chill out because it to be the ‘70s. Dr. Z likewise says the sovereign took out Morpho in 1976.This of course, is the exact same year that Vendata to be built, adding an ext credibility that Morpho was turned into the previous Guild councilman.


At Ventech Tower, Rusty is providing a speech on how many times the family members as been assaulted lately. The then begins to tell a story around how he checked out a party with Billy and Pete. In ~ the party, that sees Christopher Lambert that “Highlander” fame and also talks to him. The agrees to go to Rusty’s lunar eclipse party.

At the Morpho cave, the king puts on his old costume in order to pay Dr. Heinie a visit. 21 is left to attend to the next endeavor arch, hike Spider. The lures the spider right into helping him fill a couch right into van, much like Buffalo bill in “Silence that the Lambs.” He climate knocks him out by shoot him through a blue mist.

Rusty and Dean are at the tailor, Enzo’s, shop. Rusty asks for a speedsuit dubbed “the patriarch.” because the suit is a “bitch” come make, Enzo do the efforts to get Rusty to settle for miscellaneous else. When he pipeline the room, Rusty spies Morpho’s suit hanging up. Rusty gift Rusty, the steals it.


On the subway, the king narrates the start of how the rating mechanism in the Guild came to be. Years ago, a villain called Turnbuckle tried to kidnap a young Rusty in ~ the undertaking Compound. The activity Man placed a prevent to that by pistol whipping the hell out of him. When the villain revealed he to be still conscious, activity Man shoot him. This resulted in the ranking system where villains and their arcs would be paired up by how necessary or well equip castle were. The king remembers when he had actually a complete crew, and also the Cocoon. He to be a level 9. Now being that he’s speak the subway and also is down to one henchman, he’s a 4.

At the monarch house, Dr. Z and Dr. Granny the monarch are examining a gun with the venture logo top top it. That mentions that Rusty’s arcs are being killed off one by one. They shot to reach the hike Spider, but get his voice mail. Meanwhile, 21 together Kano has Spider in the new Jersey jaw Barrens, which is where the Monarch’s aircraft went down as soon as he to be a kid. Kano wakes up hike Spider and also tells him to leave a article to the Guild speak he was kidnapped through Blue Morpho.


Pete and Billy go a nice crappy task decorating for the party. Rusty calls that a “baby shower because that a teenager mom.” However, they convince Rusty that the hats and masks they do are necessary for the eclipse. Rusty, being a total idiot, in which method believes them. As soon as the lamest party ever starts, Billy is completely drunk early on on. Hank’s play bartender and also Rusty asks him for a Ruddy Bottom. The drink sounds disgusting. That mixes rum, tomato juice, and grenadine. Hank confesses he deserve to only make drinks that have actually the ingredient in their name, prefer gin and also tonic. Rusty teaches him to do it, and also promptly pour out it almost everywhere his sophisticated Morpho suit. He then goes exterior to clock the eclipse.

The king is arching Dr. Heinie and has that tied down through a hemorrhoid laser pointed in ~ him. He’s pissed that can’t acquire a perfect angle to take it a selfie. Kano looks favor he’s burying Spider’s metal arms. Meanwhile, members the the Guild room on broad Wale’s balcony. Wale thinks Rusty’s drink is blood and he urges her to shooting him. She hesitates and also Wale digs right into her. As soon as she finally does shoot, she regrets it.


We check out the cartridge hit him, that course. Because he was wearing Morpho’s fit it’s bulletproof and also he’s not dead. The king narrates the scene and also claims he returned the fit to Enzo.

After the credits, Dr. Granny the monarch spots Christopher Lambert make the efforts to obtain into Ventech Tower. At critical he came, also if that can’t acquire in.

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More things:

24 is among the henchmen that kidnaps Gary. And Monarch and company are wearing your costumes from the pilot episode.This episode is chock complete of flashbacks, callbacks, and also “Casino” format narrations.Rusty’s following arch after hike Spider is Mr. Energy, who supposedly electrocuted self while watering his lawn.21’s story about the video game Berserk is completely true.Did Kano really kill Wandering Spider? we don’t actually see his corpse gift buried.Battleaxe isn’t dead, just banged up.

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