The Midnight society start the conference off v a video game of hide-and-seek, and also Kiki describes why the not simply a “dumb kids’ game.”

Brothers Jack and Kenny room the brand-new kids in town. When in the midst of an epic squirt-gun battle, castle approached through a group of neighborhood children who invite them come play a nighttime video game of hide-and-seek at the finish of the street. Jack and also Kenny reluctantly go and find--gasp!--a cemetary. The neighborhood youngsters introduce themselves with their full names (weird) and also then phone call Jack and Kenny about Old man Corcoran, the harmonica-playing groundskeeper who gained accidentally hidden when a tomb caved in and now haunts the cemetery (very weird). The game begins and also soon Jack and also Kenny are wandering with spooky fog and also hearing harmonica in the distance. They at some point run right into Old male Corcoran, who asks what they’re law in the cemetery. They explain they’re play hide-and-seek and also list off all the ar kids. Old guy Corcoran chides them for lying and also reveals the all those children are dead and buried. It progressively dawns on Jack and Kenny the they were play hide-and-seek v a bunch the ghosts who were make the efforts to tempt them into very early grave.

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Kiki finishes the story and the Midnight society resume their video game of hide-and-seek.


T: the a Kiki illustration so we acquire POC protagonists! i love the diversity ~ above this show and also that that not minimal to Kiki episodes, yet it’s strongest when she’s the storyteller.

E: correctly! It do not do it be therefore refreshing however it is? much more showrunners and also casting directors should’ve take away a cue native early-90s kids’ TV.

T: Jack and Kenny room instantly likeable. Jack’s a solid big brother and Kenny just wants to do friends. It is pretty universal traits because that viewers to latch onto. The acting is quite decent, too, but Kenny is a full arms actor. His four flop about like a wacky inflatable arms guy throughout the episode.

E: Is that what you call those things?? Wacky inflatable arms men? Love it. And I love these 2 protags. Lock likable, but likewise flawed and also occasionally annoying in a method that comes off as very realistic and also relatable. They’re kind of a likable variation of Denny and also Buzz indigenous “Phantom Cab.” instead of a bully and burgeoning serial killer, we gain a brothers who desires to be the maturation tough-guy, and a brother who wants to have actually fun and make friends but is willing to admit as soon as he’s scared shitless.

T: Marshall’s team is the cutest biker gang ever.

E: i was soon smitten with them and also their entirety Goonies/Sandlot vibe. Their introduction is for this reason effective since they’re adorable, but in a way that seems a tiny bit wrong, choose they’re a relic indigenous an era gone by. It’s together a subtle but effective little bit of foreshadowing.

T: This episode really gets ideal to it. They intro the brothers and get them appropriate to the graveyard.

E: This is precisely the kind of pacing that works brilliantly because that twenty-minute storytelling.

T: Old man Corcoran is genuinely creepy. He is filmed choose he’s some slasher killer. And that flashlight bit with Jack handing that off, but not come Kenny, is fantastic.

E: over there are numerous cheap, thoughtless run scares in the history of horror. This isn’t among them.

T: This is together a basic story – 2 brothers satisfy ghosts who play gamings with castle in a cemetery; that’s it – but it works. Among the good things around anthology series is how one episode have the right to be a convoluted mess and also another can be one basic idea done really well.

E: This absolutely feels choose one that’s meant for the twenty-minute time slot, if we’ve provided that others felt choose they could’ve been feature-length films. That said, this is among those story that might easily be expanded. The works good as is, but there’s a the majority of backstory it is hinted at, sort of choose “Whispering Walls.”

T: This no feel favor a season finale. “The story of the Pinball Wizard” to be season one’s biggest episode, so that makes sense. The biggest guest star in ~ the time, Bobcat Goldthwait, appears in the season premiere. Today, it would certainly be reversed. Ns pretty certain for the remainder of the series, season premieres space given an ext weight than finales, which space treated as consistent episodes.

E: Hmmmm. I wonder if this fits in through overarching trends in television? at some suggest it seems like season finales became a much bigger transaction than season premieres, however I’m not fairly sure when that change happened.

T: I know Buffy the Vampire Slayer didn’t pioneer it, however each season had its own story arc that finished usually through a two-parter. Approximately that time (2000, right?), ns seem come remember much more and much more shows taking that approach and making season finales a thing.

E: Yeah that sounds around right.

T: The finishing twist the the youngsters are all dead is fine choreographed however it doesn’t hammer house the sinister aspect. If girlfriend step earlier and think around it, Marshall’s do the efforts to kill Jack and also Kenny for this reason they’ll be through them forever, right? Cissy’s upset, not since she’s a jerk, but because she doesn’t desire innocent strangers to die.

E: that was specifically my take, however I in reality think the show does a an excellent job of hinting at this in a really exciting way, but likewise leaving it open up to interpretation. The unanticipated divergence between Cissy and Marshall is fascinating--there can be a whole other illustration here, but at the exact same time ns don’t feeling unsatisfied. Despite someone should write a Cissy and also Marshall fanfic, right? any kind of volunteers?


T: the a Kiki episode, so of food we gain a queer-coded girl. Cissy Vernon is everything, and also I wish she remained in every episode.

E: mine god carry out I love Cissy’s entirety Tomboy with a love of yellow thing. Classic. Again, where is the fanfic??

T: There’s also some azer male emotional going on with the Midnight Society. Candid comforts David by clutching his shoulder and standing about fifty percent an inch away indigenous him because that a heavy twenty seconds. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but touch someone and count the end twenty seconds. That a lengthy time.

E: Oooooh, i didn’t even notification this. Carry out you think that made Gary jealous???

T: Yes. Hopefully it’ll inspire a Gary story following season.


T: If Cissy Vernon look at familiar, it’s because actress Tamar Kozlov played spunky small sister Kathy in “The story of Laughing in the Dark.”

E: anyone who consistently reads these recaps knows i’m a enormous Kathy fan. So glad that Tamar is earlier to play another lovable spitfire.

T: If Old guy Corcoran himself looks familiar, it’s because actor David Francis play ghost Giles in “The tale of the Hungry Hounds.” Usually, actors are made to look and act very different when they return, like Kathy/Cissy, yet Giles is a precursor to Old guy Corcoran. I wonder if they go this to do Old man Corcoran feeling even much more ghost-like, through evoking a ghost from previously in the series.

E: Seems completely plausible!

T: The brother hide behind a gravestone for Ron Oil as a shout out to manager Ron Oliver.

E: i adore this little inside joke. What’s the point of do TV if you’re not having fun?


T: This one’s hard. Hide-and-go-seek is timeless, but likewise dated. The brothers also question children their age still playing it, i m sorry plays right into the reality that they’re taking care of older spirits. I might even check out ditching hide-and-go-seek and also having modern-day Canadian kids partying in a graveyard.

E: I in reality love that facet of it and the foreshadowing the results, plus ns don’t think hide-and-seek will ever truly die (my five-year-old LOVES it). *puts on literary nerd hat* horror novels because that nine come thirteen-year-old readers room so hot right now, this provides me want to write a modern-day take on this tale with the darkness turned up to eleven. Yet I’d do Cissy the leader that the ghost gang.

JUST provide IT A numerical RATING ALREADY

T: What a fun episode. Still, there’s yes, really no stakes. The brothers think they’re in risk for a few minutes, but they’re really not. And what’s up through these ghosts? They can leave their cemetery and speak and touch things and also leave their graves empty, however only sometimes? only dead kids join the gang, except for Kenny and also Jack? it feels like there space plot holes i can’t quite put my finger on. 8 the end OF 10 CAMPFIRES.

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E: Okay, yeah. This one could absolutely use some occupational in the world-building department. Yet a child-ghost corridor that’s both charming and also just a tiny bit off? for me, the the Mon Petit Rouge the season two. Ns can’t assist myself. 9 out OF 10 CAMPFIRES.