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Laura A. King

Dr. Laura A. King earned her B.A at Kenyon College, where, together an English major, she declared a 2nd major, in psychology, throughout the second semester of her junior year. Laura completed her A.B. In English v high honors and distinction and in psychology with distinction in 1986. She climate did graduate work at Michigan State University and also the university of California, Davis, earning she Ph.D. In personality psychology in 1991.

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Dr. Laura King began her career at southerly Methodist college in Dallas, moving to the college of Missouri, Columbia, in 2001, whereby she is now a professor, to teach for over 20 years. In addition to seminars in society psychology, the development of character, and personality psychology, she has taught undergraduate lecture courses in introduction to personality psychology, introduce psychology, and also social psychology. At SMU, she obtained 6 different teaching awards, including the "M" award for "sustained excellence". At the college of Missouri, she obtained the Chancellor"s compensation for impressive Research and creative Activity.

Her research, largely funded by the national Institutes for mental Health, has focused on a range of topics relevant to the concern of what the is that provides for a an excellent life. Professor King has studied happiness, goals, well-being, life stories, and definition in life. In general, Laura"s job-related reflects an enduring interest in studying what is healthyand good in people. In 2001, her research achievements were well-known by a Templeton prize in positive psychology. Her study (often in cooperation with undergraduate and graduate students) has been published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Cognition and Emotion, journal of Personality and also Social Psychology, the journal of Personality, and other many publications. A new record on the location of regrets in maturity is forthcoming in the American Psychologist. Currently, editor-in-chief the the journal of research study in Personality, Dr. King has likewise served together associate editor that Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and also the newspaper of Personality and Social Psychology, and on numerous grant panels. Laura has co-edited or edited distinct sections that the newspaper of Personality and also the American Psychologist.

Dr. King’s The scientific research of Psychology: an Appreciative view 5e (PDF) communicates the breadth and also nature the psychology – and its value as a science – through a focus on why things go right. With the an essential goals of teaching college students to think prefer psychological scientists and emphasizing the knowledge of human being capacities, health, strength, and also wellness, The scientific research of Psychology 5th edition bite college students’ appreciation because that how broadly psychology uses to their actual lives.

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