(Flashback) Cyrus place on a document (old institution vinyl) and does a heat of coke. The hallucinates that Violet is back, hugs her - it's Queen Helena, that tells Cyrus not to worry; he is suspicious. 
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(Flashback) Cyrus calls Violet, then does a heat of coke, remembering comments world made about her. That grabs the sword of state and also threatens the Queen. The Duchess division a vase end Cyrus' head.

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Liam & Eleanor proceed to talk about the opportunity that Helena murdered Dominique; Ted to meet his mam again in an hallucination; Helena does she makeup; Eleanor it s okay high; Liam broods.
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The Duchess admits she drugged the horse. Helena apologizes come Liam and also Eleanor, now that they understand the truth and also now need to bear the load of your family's secrets.

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Liam & Eleanor discuss what they should do around the monarchy; Ted speak Cyrus they found Violet's car and suspect foul play. He pipeline Cyrus with her locket.
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Cyrus comes searching for alcohol. Liam tells him around Dominique, speak him he's sorry about Violet. Cyrus reminds Liam everyempire is constructed on blood. Liam confronts Helena - was it precious it?
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