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An Unquiet Mind

A Memoir of Moods and Madness By: Kay Redfield Jamison report by: Kay Redfield Jamison Length: 2 hrs and 46 mins Abridged

The an individual memoir of a manic depressive and also an authority on the subject defines the start of the illness during her teenage years and also her determined journey with the realm of obtainable treatments.


Loud in the house of Myself

Memoir of a strange Girl By: Stacy Pershall narrated by: Stacy Pershall Length: 6 hrs and also 18 mins Unabridged

Stacy Pershall thrived up together an too many intelligent, depressed, deep strange girl in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, populace 1,000. From her days together a 13-year-old Jesus freak with her eventual diagnosis that bipolar disorder and also borderline personality disorder, this spirited memoir chronicles Pershall"s journey through hell and also her battle with the mental health care system.


Sins of ours Mothers: Skeletons in our Closets

By: Shana K. Dines report by: Dani George Length: 8 hrs and 24 mins Unabridged

My mother was bipolar, mentally ill, a sociopath that not only gained pregnant by mine 15-year-old father however went on come abuse me in every means imaginable. This is mine story. Civilization have a difficult time believing the women, particularly mothers who are supposed to defend their children, have the right to be molesters and pedophiles, but my mother was one. I am not just telling my story for my own recovery, exposing the guilty of the mothers in our family, yet to help others to check out that if this taken place to them, they room not alone, and they deserve to recover and also have healthy, reasonably happy lives.



A Memoir the Anorexia and also Bulimia By: Marya Hornbacher narrated by: Marya Hornbacher Length: 5 hrs and also 25 mins Abridged

Precociously intelligent, imaginative, energetic, and ambitious, Marya Hornbacher flourished up in a comfortable middle-class American home. In ~ the period of 5, she returned residence from ballet course one day, put on an massive sweater, curled increase on her bed, and also cried due to the fact that she assumed she to be fat. By period 9, she was privately bulimic, throwing increase at residence after school, when watching Brady Bunch reruns ~ above television and also munching Fritos. She included anorexia to her arsenal a couple of years later and also took good pride in her capacity to starve. Marya"s story gathers intensity with each happen year. By the time she is in college and also working for a wire news service in Washington D.C., she is in the fixed of a bout of anorexia therefore horrifying the it will forever placed to remainder the romance of wasting away. Down to 52 pounds and counting, Marya i do not care a battlefield: her an effective death instinct in ~ war with the will to live. Why would certainly a talented young girl go through the spring glass and slip right into a netherworld where up is down, food is greed, and also death is honor? Why go into into a love affair v hunger, drugs, sex, and also death? Marya Hornbacher sustained both anorexia and bulimia through 5 an extensive hospitalizations, endless therapy, the loss of family, friends, jobs, and also ultimately, any type of sense that what it method to it is in "normal." In this vivid, emotionally wrenching memoir, she recreates the experience and also illuminates the tangle of personal, family, and social causes underlying eating disorders.


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A Memoir By: Terri Cheney report by: Coleen Marlo Length: 6 hrs and also 1 min Unabridged