Final Fantasy 14's The brand-new King top top the Block questline was introduced in patch 4.36 and is a collaboration between Final Fantasy 14 and also Monster Hunter: World.

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also if you room not into Monster Hunter, this pursuit unlocks one achievement, a trial, and rewards that variety from minions to furniture items. If you decision you choose the attempt enough, you could even try the extreme version and grind because that the Rathalos mount.

yet let's not acquire ahead of ourselves. The an initial thing to carry out is know just how to gain the pursuit in the first place. This will first require you come finish the key story quest of the Stormblood development and achieve level 70.

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pursuit Guide

Palico at the Azim Stppe.

Picking increase The Quest

once you have beat Stormblood's main story and are level 70, head come Kugane to pick up the quest. Friend can discover an NPC named Hearty Hunter in ~ (X:9.7, Y: 8.9). The will give you the quest and tell you whereby to go next, which is at Reunion in the Azim Steppe.

What To carry out At The Azim Steppe

girlfriend will need to gather information from 3 NPCs at Reunion. They space the Adamant Oroniri Warrior, the Apprehensive Auri Traveler, and also the Wayfaring Kha Hunter.

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as soon as you gathered the information from them, you will need to speak to a Concerned Qestir. That is one Au Ra additionally at the Azim Steppe and can be discovered at (X:3.1, Y:27.2). He'll have actually you lie in wait in ~ a details location and then you'll have to speak to Felyne at (X:11.8, Y:11.1). as soon as that is done, The great Hunt psychological is unlocked.

Fighting Ratholos.
The minimum item level because that the attempt is 320. There space some unique mechanics to recognize about.

Every player will have actually their very own inventory of 10 Mega Potions the they have the right to use throughout the fight. The is exactly how players heal deserve to themselves after acquisition damage. Rathalos cannot be tanked. when Rathalos is defeated, players should carve the head and also tail to get their rewards.

The fight has three phases.

Phase One

for the very first of three phases, Rathalos will attack random players with selection of attacks. To protect against damage, save an eye on where the ceo is looking.

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He regularly stares at where he will aim every attack. Remember, he can not be tanked, therefore a tank cannot store his attention. He will be choosing players randomly.

Phase Two

you will understand phase two has started once wild animals join the fight. These adds have the right to be tanked, and Rathalos can damage them and vice versa. It is best to kill the Coeurl first, together it have the right to be the most dangerous v its big AoE.

once a huge Garula appears and also charges into Rathalos, players must death the Garula as quick as possible. As soon as it is down, castle must hide behind it, having its body in between them and Rathalos. This is to prevent Rathalos' strongest attack "King of the Skies." The corpse of the Garula will safeguard the party — anyone not behind the Garula's dead body will certainly be soon killed. After making it through this, you gain to the critical phase.

Phase Three

In this phase, healers cannot heal players, so everyone is totally dependent on the Mega Potions. Healers space not useless though. They deserve to still actors Esuna and also barriers, which is useful for this fight. The phase is much like the first, yet sometimes Rathalos will certainly be knocked over. When that happens, attack his tail to transaction the many damage.

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If you setup to limit Break, perform so once Rathalos is top top the ground. In the air, he has a defense buff. There will additionally sometimes it is in a stack marker come watch out for.

when defeated, yet sure to remember to carve Rathalos' body for scales. Those are not in a chest.

Players looting indigenous dead Rathalos.
currently that friend have defeated Rathalos, speak with Felyne. The asks friend to introduce him to the man who began your quest. So the is turn off to Kugane come speak come the hearty hunter as soon as more.

This finishes the quest. You have the right to now profession scales come the smithy in exchange for rewards. This means grinding The great Hunt. This is precious doing if you want a Poogie minion, Rathalos mount, Monster Hunter: world orchestrion rolls, or Rathalos gear.

You immediately get part rewards because that this search though, including a Palico minion, an indoor BBQ Spit, and also a BBQ Spit.

Note: In the extreme version, three player deaths will cause the battle to reset in true Monster Hunter style.

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