The Monkees enduring members, Micky Dolenz, from left, Michael Nesmith and also Peter Tork, pose with each other in 2012.
Monkees fans will acquire at the very least one shot in ~ a 50th anniversary power by the group’s three enduring members, together guitarist, singer and songwriter Michael Nesmith has confirmed he will sign up with band mates Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork at the act’s tour protect against Friday in Monterey.

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Nesmith recused self from the full tour once it was announced earlier this year, saying he is in the center of writing a book. Yet he told pendant of his Facebook page on Thursday, “I am ahead of schedule on my book ‘Infinite Tuesday’ … and they sent out me a nice invite to come play in ~ the State Theatre with them — and also so i am.”

The display will coincide carefully with the 50th anniversary that the relax of the Monkees’ debut single, “Last Train to Clarksville,” on Aug. 16, 1966. It to be the very first of the Monkees’ 3 No. 1 access time on the Billboard warm 100 singles chart, and one of fifty percent a dozen peak 10 records.

“The Monkees” TV series debuted the adhering to month ~ above NBC and also quickly became a pop society phenomenon. Top top the basis of the show’s popularity and its segments spotlighting various Monkees recordings each week, the team sold much more records 보다 the Beatles and also the rolling Stones in 1967.

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“I haven’t play in a if — hand’s a tiny stiff — but I can do a pair or 3 songs v them that I would certainly really enjoy,” Nesmith wrote. “I adjusted the strings on my Gretsch this afternoon — tuned it increase — gave it a polish.”

He referred to this appearance as “One time only for now — still have actually to provide the book, yet the delivery is gaining closer much faster than i thought.”

The book is subtitled “An Autobiographical Riff” and also is because of be published April 18.

Nesmith break up his write-up with a quote indigenous his tune “Papa Gene’s Blues,” native the Monkees’ debut album: “‘No heartaches felt, no longer lonely, Nights of waiting finally won me happiness, that’s every rolled increase in you.’ see you there i hope.”

As to be the situation in 2012 when the trio toured together, the act assembled a show that integrated footage indigenous the TV series, permitting the existence of singer Davy Jones, who passed away earlier the year.


Rhino Records, the magazine specialty label that has actually released Monkees reissues end the last 2 decades, additionally issued the 50th anniversary album, “Good Times!,” which an unified recently perfect Monkees monitor from the vaults along with brand-new songs written for the tape by latter-day Monkees fans including Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, death Cab because that Cutie’s Benjamin Gibbard and the album’s producer, Fountains that Wayne bassist-songwriter Adam Schlesinger.

“The Monkees” complete TV series was reissued in July in a new 4K restoration minimal edition Blu-ray box set through the group’s official web site.

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The Monkees tourism reaches Los Angeles for a Sept. 16 day at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

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The Monkees memory 50th anniversary by teaming with modern pop luminaries because that a new album