We room living in the middle of the most uncertain times the our generation has ever seen. The strength of the media is strong, and also for the an initial week or 2 after the news the Coronavirus broke, ns was filled with anxiety. I focused on the are afraid that was being stirred up. Unknown exposure and also reactions. Uncertainty about food and simple necessities. Problem over exposing my newborn or my toddler. Worry for mine parents. Are afraid over lose of income. My head was swimming constantly as I scrolled my society media feed. 

One evening though, the lord spoke come me very clearly. I was singing the song “Here Again” by elevation Worship come Addilyn together I rocked she for bed. (We love this song, and also it to be literally what got me v the hard component of my labor with Lilliana!)

There is a lyric in this track that states “Not for a minute was ns forsaken. The mr is in this place.” because that a long time, I had thought the “this place” as a physics location, but a couple of months earlier I had actually a revelation that “this place” may be our circumstances more than noþeles else. 

We space at a ar in life and also in our human being where over there is a many uncertainty and fear. The lord is in this place. 

We room at a location in our human being where we are afraid contacting various other people because quite literally, it may kill united state or someone we love. The lord is in this place. 

We are isolated and cut turn off from community and fellowship. The mr is in this place.

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We space at a ar in life wherein we aren’t certain if us will be able to pay our bills this month. Or next. The lord is in this place.

Not for one minute room we forsaken.

So I have actually chosen belief over fear. Sure, we room being smart around limiting exposure and also are continuing to be home and cooking in. We space honoring the urging of ours physicians and authorities to aid keep things from spreading and also making the worse. Yet rather 보다 wallowing in fear and also loneliness, we room taking time to rest and recover. We are enjoying time with our family. We room finding new ways to attach with others and also to give ago to the better community about us. We are soaking in a slower speed to life, and quality household time. We are embracing the giggles (and the fussing). We space taking time to teach our large girl new things. To bake. To clock cartoons and also snuggle. To enjoy the odor of a newborn. To play outside and also pick flowers and draw through sidewalk chalk. To check out the bible and sing praise music and be thankful for all of the an excellent things that God has offered to us.

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I will never ever again take because that granted the warm hug of a family members member. A autumn in visit native a good friend. Pat dates and also time in ~ the park. Stocked shelves at the grocery store (and stinkin’ toilet paper…for crying out loud). Or a full meat counter. I will feel differently about strolls through my favorite save (holla, Target!) or sit in a movie theater through my husband because that a date night. It won’t be lost on me just how special the it will certainly feel to gather through my brothers and also sisters in Christ to worship again. If nothing else, I have actually learned gratitude.

You know what I have actually concluded? This quarantine thing is a vast blessing. It is the lord forcing us to sluggish down and also refocus ours hearts top top what matters.