With Disney make a many their animated standards into live-action films, plenty of have wondered when The little Mermaid will gain the very same treatment. Well, over there is a trailer going roughly which reflects Disney bringing forth the brand-new film with Ariana Grande in the leading duty and a star-studded cast around her.

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Only…it’s not real.


Many have actually been sending me messages lately about this details trailer, and I’ve checked out a number of people share that on Facebook and also Twitter and also even in the “I’m for this reason Disney…” team on Facebook. They room excited by the idea that Disney is having The little Mermaid involved life in live-action.

The only problem with this trailer is that also though it has the Disney logo design run at the start of it, it’s no actually a Disney movie. As a issue of fact, that isn’t also anything genuine at all as the trailer is a concept idea by a YouTube user recognized as “Tommy Ross.”

As you have the right to see in the embedded video clip below, that stars Ariana Grande as Ariel, Henry Cavill together Prince Eric, Dwayne Johnson as King Triton, Queen Latifah together Ursula, and a hold of others. Various other versions on on facebook have presented a host of others, yet the clip in the trailer is from one of Grande’s video clip and clips of other movies the Cavill and also Johnson starred in.

You’ll notice Superman and also Hercules in a couple of the spots.

For the record…^^^^^^^THIS is not real!^^^^^^^

There is a live-action movie called The small Mermaid i m sorry is gift released in around 200 AMC Theatres on Aug. 17, 2018, but it isn’t indigenous Disney. It is from Robert Molloy’s Kingsway Productions and also stars Poppy Drayton and William Mosely in the Hans Christian Andersen-inspired movie.

Essentially, this post is to make certain that everyone has actually the correct details as over there is at this time nothing going on through a live-action version of The tiny Mermaid indigenous Disney. Ross even states that his variation on YouTube is a “concept trailer.”

Perhaps, in the future, Disney is walk to have actually its live-action that the animated classic come about, however neither the variation hitting theatre this month or the concept trailer have anything to carry out with it.

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