The Last man on planet Season 4 illustration 18 Review: Cancun, Baby!

The season finale was a classic, well-rounded illustration of the series, through hilarious one-liners yet an emotional punch at the end.

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I was, the course, devastated to view Mike leaving the corridor again.

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It to be a bit easier to watch, though, since this time, the group did not leave him together he to be "dying."

It is quite to recognize he will absolutely return at some point. 

ns feel prefer Mike is tho a little bit lonely so i think it might be pretty if we, girlfriend know, save the PDA come a minimum. Ns mean, because that instance, Carol and I have determined that every time we want to kiss, we"re just gonna shake hand instead. It"s in reality been pretty erotic. After ~ all, you understand the palm is the vagina that the hand.


Mike want to leaving to proceed searching for much more people, however as shortly as the left, dozens of human being showed up in ~ the gang"s brand-new home.

This do his leave even much more upsetting. 

Hopefully, Mike will uncover what he is feather or return to the group quickly so he can fulfill the others.


Speaking the the new people, ns loved the ominous cliffhanger come the season. 

It certainly made me want to watch the next episode. 

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It does make me a tiny nervous, though, due to the fact that The Last guy on planet has no been put in order yet.

Back in December, the series was a tossup for renewal, and also the ratings have actually not readjusted too much because then. 

Tandy: What do you average we"re moving? Todd: The home is filled v dead body sealed up in the walls. It"s like a gingerbread home made that corpses, bud.Erica: and guns! almost everywhere the place. You"d swear we were quiet in America.

Hopefully, Fox will certainly announce its renewal soon. Otherwise, it would be a terrible ending come a beloved series. 

If the series is renewed, i hope the new people will certainly not be angry or threatening to the gang.

It could make for an excellent television, however I would uncover it hard to think that people would desire to death others in a world that has already lost most of that is population. 


"Cancun, Baby!" included an excellent ensemble moments.

Each human being was current throughout the episode, and they all spent most of their time as a group.

Well, the last time i was on a train, ns was smuggling a duffle bag complete of threatened turtles.


In the past few weeks, we have seen countless duos or trios separating indigenous the remainder of the gang so it to be delightful for them every to be together for most of the time. 

Each person had a possibility to shine, and also there were countless one-liners and also laugh-out-loud moments. In fact, I had a daunting time selecting which price quotes I was going to short article for this episode, i m sorry was no an issue last week. 

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I have actually talked a lot around how lot I love Melissa in my reviews, however one point I have actually failed to point out is how much i adore that she is an the end girl. 

With her blonde hair and virtually perfect looks, it would certainly be basic to make Melissa a stereotypical "pretty girl" or dumb blonde. 

She is the farthest point from that, though. I love that she is the one who does the 21 pistol salute at the funeral because that the house and that she developed the fire because that the gang when Todd could not. 

Mike: Hey Todd. Carry out you know just how to construct a fire? Todd: Yeah, no problem! do we have any type of oven mitts? Melissa: I"ll perform it.

Melissa often tends to it is in the most "normal" or strait-laced person in the group, if you want to contact it that.

That does no mean, though, that she is boring or the traditional blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman us so regularly see in the media. 

It makes her a fascinating and lovable character, even when she is no being as quirky or hilarious as the others in the group. 


My just complaint is that they left Jasper without informing him their location. 

Melissa said Todd she gave him a self-driving car with the coordinates to Cancun, yet now that the gang decided to collection up their residence elsewhere, Jasper will not be able to find them if the does try to accomplish up through them. 

Carol: Well, how was your trip? Did you find any type of people? Tandy: hate to to speak it, Carebear, but we"re all still fighting a raging situation of HPV. Human people vanished.

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I adore Jasper, and I worry about his safety now that Melissa is no much longer there to bring him food or aid him out.

I hope they go ago to Zihuatanejo to offer him the new coordinates or at least to give him several of the fresh food they are enjoying in their new home.