Alice (Sara Luvv) finishes fucking Ellen (Serena Blair) and also leaves her trapped in the closet at house to walk to the spiritual Circle assembly. Nevertheless, the closeted lesbian is impervious to this irony of her situation, and oblivious the her missing love Dina (Bree Daniels) texted her to state she misses her. Alice is now overshadowed by her inner lesbians, butch Al and lipstick lesbian Alicia. And these troublemakers are overdue. They are all set to preside once the faces of Alice display up in the holy Circle. The sisters of the circle (AJ Applegate, Darci Dolce, Kristen Scott, Kimmy Granger, Dahlia Sky, Melissa Moore) stare in amazement together they behold the wonder that is Alice, glossy prefer a goddess in full regalia, hair native tresses, tutu in pink toile, trucker cap and additionally a deep decollete. Assignment is in effect. Alice the supreme Lesbian notifies this Circle’s sisters that Ellen no be coming tonight. However Alice is more than happy to help them achieve exaltation and yoke in addition to the divine. The sisters beg her toes to present them. Alice commands them and also climbs as with the Sun. The sisters get rid of their clothing to disclose their breasts, slim waists legs, and also feminine pussies desperate to have actually the rapture of your goddess. Alice notifies them come chant, over there is absolutely no love spell, there’s absolutely not any power ring, to be just here to fuck!Alice sheds she clothing and also beholds her creation, a one of 6 naked beauties enclosing her, through tight wet pussies hungering for its violet doubledong that protrudes from interior of she lesbian pussy. Ready to experience the can be fried duality while acquiring fucked, of fucking, Alice lets the sisters pull she down right into their tight areas. Meanwhile, the Alices Lady Christy (Cadence Lux) comes house to find Ellen locked inside the cupboard. Lock finally figure out the Alice must have actually mastered the goddess Aphrodite (Adriana Sephora), who has actually a sick and also twisted head. Ellen summons makes and Aphrodite a resolve the goddess to aid if Ellen stop hammering her, drown the spell. In accordance through Aphrodite, lock boring. However the spell have the right to be broken up with also an orgasm, or a true kiss. Some sort of love of livelihood. The girls run off to attract Dina into the spiritual Circle, prior to its too late.Back in the holy Circle, six sisters room worshipping Alicias pussy, when Al determines its time to fuck them into a row. The girl mount each various other in bag and dual up, so their pussies lineup next to another. With her doubledong stuffed within her pussy, she pokes and prods your slits, feeding the bulbous end into every peach that is juicy. While the females wait their turn to it is in defeated, they masturbate others piles in crawl anticipation of delicious penetration. The one descends to a sophisticated orgy. Wet pussies writhe under famished mouths, while palms posesthe the squirt the end of them, and tongues relax orgasms choose whiplash.Alice is in the facility of gift sporadically hedonistically, once Christy and also Ellen destructive the conference to begin the intervention. Ellen invokes the power of she standing managing the sister to a component the way. Ellen licks top top Alices pussy to rescind Aphrodites spell and undresses herself . Dina is called by Ellen to the Circle since the channeling spirits start to recede. She order the sisters focus the energy and to surround them. Dina yells Alice lovingly. She pulls at she in nearby till their pussies kiss. Dina and Alice guide till Alice has a cum tribbing and rocking. Alice return back into the face, relieved to it is in in the arms of her true love. Alice begs forgiveness and clutches Dina. She simply wanted to show that shes a lesbian.

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However, were all far better now. Order is unbounded.