A brand-new York time bestselling graphic novel!"A Batman who laughs is a Batman who constantly wins."He unleashed the Dark Multiverse in the epic series Dark Nights: Metal. Now superstar writer Scott Snyder reunites with acclaimed artist Jock (Batman: black color Mirror) to set that evil alternating reality"s most dangerous denizen loose in Gotham City—and the original Dark knight will never be the same!Half Batman. Fifty percent Joker. Combining every little thing that renders the Caped Crusader a hero and the Clown Prince a killer, the Batman that Laughs is the Dark Multiverse"s most dangerous criminal mastermind. Currently he"s come to Gotham to revolve Bruce Wayne"s home into one incubator for evil.And the hasn"t come alone. Emerging from another of the Dark Multiverse"s myriad realities come the Grim Knight. This vicious vigilante will certainly use any type of weapon in ~ his disposal to ensure those he has significant for death stay down.A war prefer no other—a war of the Batmen—has begun. Together Batman"s the next friends, deadliest enemies, and doppelgängers from across the Multiverse get recorded in the crossfire, only one inquiry remains: that will have actually the last laugh?Discover the price in The Batman that Laughs—a terrifying reimagining of among comics" greatest heroes—and villains—from the premier Batman writer of our time!Collects the full seven-issue miniseries and also the one-shot special problem The Batman who Laughs: The Grim Knight.

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Scott Snyder
is a #1 New York Times best-selling writer and also one of the many critically acclaimed scribes in every one of comics. His works encompass Batman, All-Star Batman, Batman: Eternal, Superman Unchained, American Vampire, and also Swamp Thing. He has also been released in Zoetrope, tin House, One Story, Epoch, small Spiral Notebook, and other journals, and also has a brief story collection, Voodoo Heart, i m sorry was released by Dial Press. That teaches at Columbia University and also Sarah Lawrence University and lives in new York v his wife, Jeanie, and his son, Jack Presley.Jock is the pseudonym of british comics artist note Simpson, finest known because that his work-related with Andy Diggle ~ above the cult brothers comic 2000 ad and Vertigo"s The Losers. The has additionally illustrated stunning covers for DC Comics titles including Batman, Nightwing, and also Catwoman, and interior arts for Swamp Thing and John Constantine, Hellblazer native Vertigo.