John Miller, left, and his son, Michael Miller, right, to be charged through murder after their neighbor, Aaron Howard, to be fatally shoot on Sept. 1. (Abilene Police Department)

Two men were arrested in Texas after ~ they allegedly shot and killed a male over a dispute about garbage in one alleyway and a recently released video shows the deadly encounter.

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John Miller, 67, and his son, 31-year-old Michael Miller, were arrested after ~ Aaron Howard, 37, was fatally shooting on Sept. 1, the Abilene Police room announced.

The neighbors had actually been arguing about the trash in the alleyway because that days prior to the deadly shooting, police said. The day of Howard\"s death, man Miller had actually gone to litter the garbage out before the situation escalated.

Police stated the elder Miller had a handgun, and the younger miller went within his home to obtain a shotgun. \"Someone apparently went inside the deceased\"s residence to acquire a baseball bat,\" but ultimately Howard was killed.

Howard\"s fiancee, Kara Box, filmed the cook encounter and released it to regional news outlets because, together she called KTXS-TV, \"People deserve to know what actually happened and you know they deserve to understand John and Michael Miller are murderers.\"

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The video clip shows both sides obtaining loud, v the Millers armed, and also with Howard at one suggest shouting: \"You traction a total in prior of my youngsters over a f------ mattress.\"

More ~ above crime...

Box called the Forth worth Star-Telegram that john Miller took a mattress Howard inserted in a dumpster in the surrounding alleyway out of the dumpster, and also threw the on Howard\"s property. Complying with that, crate said, man Miller traction \"a pistol out of his shorts.\"

\"Aaron goes into pappa be afflicted with mode,\" box said. \"A man has actually just pulled a pistol on his wife, his brother, his nieces and nephews.\"

Both sides show up to it is in slinging threats and also vulgar language at each other, if both the Millers are seen equipped with firearms.

\"You\"re no gonna shoot my husband,\" crate is heard saying, if Howard shouts: \"Shoot me!\"

At least four gunshots room then heard ~ above the video clip while Michael fearbut is recorded aiming his shotgun.

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Both John and Michael Miller to be arrested and also charged v murder, police said. Lock were supposedly released after ~ posting $25,000 bail.


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