Join us for game Days

Game Days room the ultimate college preview day experience for prospective students! throughout Game work you deserve to be a part of campus life and tradition.

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Discover WT

Discover WT is an interactive and also exciting means to experience West Texas A&M University. 


We are One West

One West is the an extensive fundraising campaign designed to fuel WT 125: native the Panhandle come the World.


Admissions quick Track

Prospective Buffs can now learn the likelihood the acceptance with minutes of perfect the Admissions quick Track questionnaire in the WT mobile app.


Get free Money with the WT care Program

Funds provided by the greater Education Emergency Relief money (HEERF) may be offered to attend to financial hardship, including tuition and also fees, housing and also more.

WT Spotlight

Meet autumn Senteney, a graduate college student in interaction disorders. With the help of resources and also opportunities obtainable at the Harrington academic Hall Amarillo Center, she intends to aid the ar with her education. "I"m going to walk the end of below with the most valuable experience ... That ns can use directly come my patient as soon as i leave," loss said.

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WT was called the safest college in Texas and one the the top 10 in the nation by Check out what provides us so secure!
WT awards approximately $5 million each year, averaging $1,200 per award for new and continuing students. 
We’re below to assist you v your jae won needs and get girlfriend on the fast track to educational success.

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The WT 125: native the Panhandle to the world Generational plan looks front a few decades, rather than a couple of years. Us are setup the target high: by 2035, when WT reaches its 125th anniversary, we will have attained doctoral status in the Carnegie share of universities with a powerfully distinctive mission.