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It transforms out that Terra Jole\"s decision to sign up with Dancing through the Stars last season can have expense her part friends.

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In ET\"s exclude, sneak peek at Tuesday\"s episode of little Women: LA, Terra finds the end that her friend, Elena, doesn\"t want her to it is in the godmother to her children -- mostly since of she time top top DWTS.

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\"You need to understand why she didn\"t want to assistance you being on Dancing through the Stars,\" claims Terra\"s friend, Tonya, about Elena\"s concerns. \"It was taking away from her life, that was acquisition away from her health, it was taking away from her kids, it was acquisition away from your husband.\"

\"And she that\"s no the form of godparents she desires for she children,\" Tonya adds.

According come Terra, she doesn\"t understand why she friends haven\"t been an ext supportive that her moment in the spotlight, declare anyone rather on the display would have embraced the market if they\"d to be approached by DWTS.

\"I feel favor you every would have done the exact same thing\" Terra says, battling ago tears. \"I feel choose I can\"t get away native this guilt pilgrimage from everybody.\"

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While she time top top the hit reality competition collection might have cost her the chance to being the godmother to her friend\"s kids -- and her already-strained friendship v Elena completely -- Terra isn\"t going to apologize.

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\"I\"m proud that what i did,\" she declares. \"And i wouldn\"t have actually done it any kind of other way.\"

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT ~ above Lifetime.

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