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Toni Tennille

Born: might 8, 1940

Biography: Cathryn Antoinette “Toni” Tennille is one American singer-songwriter and keyboardist, finest known together one-half that the 1970s duo Captain & Tennille through her former husband Daryl Dragon; their signature song is “Love Will keep Us Together”. Tennille has likewise done part musical work independently of she husband, consisting of solo albums and also session work.

While life in Corona del Mar in Newport Beach, California, during the so late 1960s, Tennille was a member of the South coast Repertory. Ron Thronsen, one of the directors of the repertory, asked Tennille in 1969 to write the music for a new rock music he was functioning on called Mother Earth. The musical to be a success locally, walk on the roadway to mountain Francisco and Los Angeles in 1971, and also eventually make it to Broadway for a few dates at the Belasco Theatre in October 1972. Although Tennille was no longer linked with the music by the moment it got to Broadway, she was credited as the composer under she married name, Shearer.

In 1971, Tennille met she future husband Daryl Dragon in san Francisco during auditions for mommy Earth. Dragon had previously toured v the coast Boys and had taped with them together a studio musician. After ~ Mother planet ended, Dragon returned to the beach Boys and also introduced Tennille to the band.<8> Tennille played electrical piano through the band during their 1972 tour. In 1973, Tennille and Dragon left to kind Captain & Tennille and began performing at regional clubs. In September 1973, they released your self-financed debut single, “The method I desire to Touch You”, which to be a local hit and helped castle to acquire a record contract with A&M Records. The duo videotaped a cover version of the Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield track “Love Will keep Us Together” in 1975 that came to be a large success and eventually go on to victory the 1975 Grammy compensation for document of the Year.

In 1974, Tennille sang lift vocals top top Elton John’s Caribou album. In 1979, she sang backing vocals ~ above Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Complying with a December 1979 pilot, indigenous September 1980 come February 1981 Tennille hosted her own syndicated tv talk show, The Toni Tennille Show. From September 1998 come June 1999, Tennille performed together “Victoria Grant/Count Victor Grazinski” in the nationwide tour that the beat Victor Victoria.

With she then husband Daryl Dragon, together Captain & Tennille, she videotaped the Christmas song “Saving up Christmas” had in their DVD box set for 1976-1977’s The Captain & Tennille Show; this was followed by a full-length Christmas album titled The mystery of Christmas, released in 2007.

In April 2016, Tennille released her memoir, Toni Tennille: A Memoir, and went ~ above a book tour to encourage it later that summer.

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<18><19> an audiobook the the memoir was also released on the audiobook service Audible.