Sa lahat ng mga accouster dyan, in ~ mahilig sa kanta ng mymp para sa inyu to. Pagpasensyahan nyu n kng mine mali, very first tab k kc to. Mgsend nlng kau ng post sa friendster ko kng my comments kau o tanong. Bev para sau to!!!!

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Intro: e |-------5-5-5-5-5--5-3--5-5s7-7-----5-5-5--3--5-5s10-------------------| B |-----3--------------------------3---------------------8--8h10---------| G |----------------------------------------------------------------------| D |----------------------------------------------------------------------| A |-----------------------------------3----------------------------------| E |-------3--------------------------------------------------------------|


verse 1: G Why is that sad look at in your eyes why space you crying? C call me now, tell me currently Tell me, why you"re feelin this means G I dislike to watch you for this reason down, five baby C Em5 Is it her heart Oh, it is breakin" every in piece C Em5 makin" you cry Bb6 Makin" you feel blue Is there anything that i can do CHORUS: G Why don"t friend tell me where it damages now, baby Em5 and I"ll execute my finest to make it much better G/F# C9 D Yes, I"ll execute my best to make the tears all go away G just tell me wherein it damages Now, tell me G/F# Em5 and I love you with a love so soft C9 Oh and also if you let me remain D I"ll love every one of the hurt away
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e |-------5-5-5-5-5--5-3--5-5s7-7----------------------------------------| B |-----3----------------------------------------------------------------| G |----------------------------------------------------------------------| D |----------------------------------------------------------------------| A |----------------------------------------------------------------------| E |-------3--------------------------------------------------------------|
city 2: G Where are all those tears comes from Why room they falling? C somebody, somebody, someone leave your heart in the cold G You just need somebody to hold on, infant C Em5 provide me a opportunity To put back all the pieces C Em5 Take host of her heart Bb6 do it just like brand-new There"s so plenty of things that I deserve to do......... Advertisement lib:
Bb D# e |-------8-8-8-8-8----8-6----6s8--8s10--8--6--------------8s10s6--8-8-8-| B |-----6------------6------6--------------------------------------------| G |-----------------------------------------------5-7-3----5s-7s3--5-5-5-| D |----------------------------------------------------------------------| A |----------------------------------------------------------------------| E |----------------------------------------------------------------------| e |------s10s8s6---------------------------------------------------------| B |------s7-s5s6---------------------------------------------------------| G |----------------5-5-5---5-3---3s5s7s8s10------------------------------| D |---------------3-------3-----3----------------------------------------| A |----------------------------------------------------------------------| E |----------------------------------------------------------------------|
C Em5 Is it her heart Oh, that"s breakin" all in pieces C Em5 Makin" friend cry Bb6 Makin" you feel blue Is over there anything that I deserve to do CHORUS: same chords tell me infant Tell me, ohh yes IS there anything that i have the right to do babe simply tell me whereby it hurts Now, tell me and I love you through a love so tender Oh, and if girlfriend let me stay I"ll love all of the hurt far outro"

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G C Bb6/F G e |-------5-5-5-5-5--5-3--5-5s7-7-----5-5-5--3--5-5s10-------------1-----| B |-----3--------------------------3---------------------8--8h10---1-----| G |----------------------------------------------------------------3-----| D |----------------------------------------------------------------3-----| A |-----------------------------------3----------------------------1-----| E |-------3--------------------------------------------------------1-----|