While the objective is to quell the boss, doing so prior to accessing the save at the finish of the area will certainly result in absent a skit. I suggest ignoring the Minotauros for now and letting him run away till you get that skit.

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Exit to the west to find a Dark Bottle and also Pound Cake and then return to the room and follow the route north to a stairsituation. Follow the path to the dead end with some Feldspar Boots and then usage Edna’s map action on the 4 dark pillars to drop the pillars on the top floor.

Rerotate upstairs to the room wright here you observed the Minotauros and collect the Feldspar Umbrella and also Peach Gel and also then departure with the eastern door.


Check to the north and south of the doorway for a Red Lavender and also Planet Ring and then pass under the walkmethod and check the southeast edge for the Cowboy Hat .

Head north and ignore the doorway for a minute to discover a pile rubble that you deserve to study for the Broken Hobbyhorse discover and The Wooden Horse skit and also then grab the Apple Gel in the nearby chest before entering the doormethod.


Don’t miss the Cowoy Hat in the southeastern corner of the courtyard (left) and the exploration to the north of the door (right).

You can’t head north yet, so leave to the southern and check the northeastern corner of the courtyard for a Red Verbena and then break the boulder to the west, allowing you to go back to the entrance, prior to entering the eastern structure and also taking the stairs dvery own.

Follow the course to a room through some Soft-Serve Ice Cream and a Red Rosemary and also then use Edna’s map action on the three dark pillars prior to returning upstairs. You deserve to now return to the previous room to the north to grab the Arcane Bottle and also normin, Fatty G , and then continue north.


Knock the supports down aget (left) and also return upstairs to the previous location and also recruit the Normin (right).

Head east to a dead end via a Life Bottle and Kingly Waistcoat and then rerevolve west and enter the main hall. The save you should accessibility is block by some pillars to the north, so take the northeast route to one more stairsituation and grab the Monolith prior to you punch the dark pillar on the western wall.

Rerevolve upstairs to the primary hall and also take the northwest course to an additional stairsituation leading dvery own to a pillar you have the right to smash, and also a chest through the Feldspar Garment , and then go back to the major hall when aget.

Access the save to the north for the skit The Minotauros’s Fear and then return southern and also take the walkmethod to the beginning of the level, wbelow you’ll find a Monolith .


Soptimal at the conserve for the skit stated earlier (left) and then head all the means southern to a Monolith (right).

You can currently jump dvery own and look for out the Minotauros and also use Spectral Cloak to communicate it in combat.

Boss: Minotauros¶

Start the fight by armatizing via Dezel to exploit the boss’ wind weakness and also attempt to avoid attacking him face to challenge.

The majority of the Minotauros’ strikes are slow and also simple to prevent or interrupt, but they are still effective as a result of his Attack up capacity. Watch out for his Body Press assault, which deserve to carry out enormous damage to your party, and also keep the strike on and also you have to take him down rather easily.

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Armatize with Dezel to exploit the boss’ weakness (left) while avoiding his attacks, including Body Press (right).

Writhe in Agony

Conquer the fierce battle at Morgause, the Shrine of the Earth Trial, without using any kind of items!