Super stop Bros. Crusade is a huge project built from the floor up and started by 3 die-hard stop Bros. Fans, Phantom7, Falcon8r, and also Dr.MarioX. Currently, the project is in the hands of Jaklub, PerfectHell, Mp3 Toaster and Dustination. Our score is to develop a stop Bros. Game with memorable characters and also beautiful stages, and also create a smash Bros. Endure that combines the greatest features that every three main Smash Bros. Gamings have to offer.

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SSB Crusade v0.9 PatchSep 21 2014Demo 290 comments

60+ characters! 24 stages! online mode! cultivate mode! The lengthy awaited SSBC version 0.9 is finally here! Download today!

ssb crusade v0.9 patch demo


toadApr 30 2016Full version 6 comment

just a mod that changes toad to amy and adds a few moves. Well what space you waiting for?go acquire amy increased mod :)

toad full version

SSB ULTIMATEDec 30 2015Super smash Bros. Can be fried Demo 13 comments

New mod I havent Tryed out its something new yet 2

ssb ultimate demo

room Colony Ark mode V1Jan 19 2015Space nest Ark mode Demo 7 comments

This is V1 of the an are colony ark mod, it could be buggy, but still works fine.

space swarm ark mod v1 demo

supervisor Smash Bros. Crusade 0.8.4Aug 20 2012Demo 202 comment

Super smash Bros. Crusade returns, currently packed with new characters, stages, and also an online versus mode!

super stop bros. Crusade 0.8.4 demo

0.8.3 missing Files (NEW)Aug 11 2012Patch 15 comment

Seems prefer a dev forgot a pair of files... Extract this rar on the source of her SSB Crusade folder.

0.8.3 lacking files (new) patch

supervisor Smash Bros. Crusade Ver 0.8.3 (NEW)Aug 10 2012Demo 35 comments

Four new Characters and a ton of brand-new content!! space you all set for this new demo?

super stop bros. Crusade ver 0.8.3 (new) demo

supervisor Smash Bros Crusade PATCH paper (0.8.1)Feb 26 2012Patch 16 comment

This record needs come be download in order come play online. It fixes a the majority of gamebreaking bugs, therefore this download is encouraged.

super smash bros crusade patch record (0.8.1) patch

supervisor Smash Bros. Crusade ver. 0.8Feb 25 2012Demo 43 comments

Super smash Bros. Crusade returns, now packed with new characters, stages, and an digital versus mode! This action-packed update is a must-play, featuring...

super smash bros. Crusade ver. 0.8 demo

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