The Super bowl LV is just approximately the corner and the complete performance the the halftime show will be broadcast live ~ above CBS. This is a free live stream through a reddithd link. Tomorrow, the weekend will go into the Super bowl stage before the winner is decided between the Kansas City Chiefs and also the Tampa just Buccaneers. NBC sporting activities covers everything you must know around this year’s halftime display performance, consisting of start-up times, the town hall methods, live streams, and also setlists.

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Of course, morning the video game will it is in the main attraction, and anyone who wins the Super key LV in Tampa will be talking about the town, yet commercial and also half-time performances can steal the show. The Super key halftime show, which acts together a bridge in between the human being of football and also the human being of entertainment, has end up being the can be fried spectacle. The NFL’s biggest video game has end up being the many watched TV occasion of the calendar year.


Weekend will certainly be on phase for one more Super bowl Headliner Act in ~ the Super bowl Halftime Show. Canadian singer-songwriter (real surname Abel Tesfaye) has actually charted 3 No. 1 selling albums in the unified States. The latest album is No. After hrs featuring 1 hit solitary Blinding Lights. The No. 1 single spent 46 main in the top 10 the the Billboard hot 100 and 37 main in the optimal 5, making the the longest chart solitary in north America in 62 years of chart history.

Other hits on The Weeknd encompass Can’t feel My Face, Starboy, The Hills, and also Heartless. He also features Love Me harder (featuring Ariana Grande), deserve It, i Feel It comes (featuring Daft Punk), and also Pray because that Me (featuring Kendrick Lamar). ), speak to Out mine Name, smile (Juice Wild) has actually recorded optimal 10 hits. ).

Prepare the songs that the weekend will certainly play and the proposition bets of the songs that will join him ~ above the Super key half-time stage. Here’s how to watch the Super bowl Halftime show live ~ above CBS.

How to see

TV: CBS | Stream: cost-free on .com and also the app.

Can’t friend tell the difference between Tom Brady and also Greg Brady? We room covering you. Click below for a overview for casual fans of Super bowl LV.

What time does the halftime display start?

The 2021 Super bowl Halftime display will begin roughly 90 minute after kick-off from 8 pm EST to 8:30 pm EST. The Super key LV will kick turn off at 6:30 afternoon Eastern standard Time.

How to check out the Super key 2021 halftime show

Who: Weekend

When: Sunday, February 7, 2021

Kick-off time: 6:30 pm Eastern traditional Time (3:30 pm Pacific traditional Time)

Halftime present Start Time: Eastern standard Time 8:00 afternoon to 8:30 pm

Location: Raymond James stadion in Tampa, Florida

TV channel: CBS

Live stream: See choices here

Weekend Super key Halftime Show set List

Weekend hasn’t announced a song to beat in Tampa yet, however it’s quite possible that he will mix it with few of the hits.

Love Me Harder v Ariana Grande (2014)

Earned it (2014)

Hills (2015)

Can’t feeling My confront (2015)

At night (2015)

Starboy featuring Daft Punk (2016)

I feel It comes (2016) featuring Daft Punk

Pray v Kendrick Lamar (2018)

Call the end My name (2018)

Heartless (2019)

Blinding lights (2019)

In your Eyes (2020)

Save your Tears (2020)

Check again on Sunday for much more information on the halftime display setlist.

Does Weekend lug Special guest Half-Time?

According come the weekend himself, there would be no surprised guests together he claimed on Sunday “the story and the story couldn’t fit it.” Still, rumors can’t be stopped by guests such as Kenny G, Doja Cat, and also Daft Punk that surprised The Weeknd on phase this weekend.

Who did the Super key halftime present last year?

In 2020, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira went up to the super Bowl phase in Miami through an unforgettable power featuring special guests negative Bunny and J Balvin. You can see the entire halftime display here.

Can i Stream the Super bowl Halftime display for totally free on Reddit?

During the 2019-2020 NFL season, Reddit had all the answers because that NFL fans. Reddit had actually a thread called r / nflstreams. This object provided complimentary links to all NFL games.

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Reddit separately deleted the thread due to the fact that the article on the livestreaming connect violated its very own infringement policy. As soon as the news the Reddit prohibition r / nflstreams threads was reported, it carried a new an obstacle to NFL fans who wanted come stream their games for free.

Fortunately because that NFL fans, there room multiple choices for streaming the video game for free. Other choices may be less reliable 보다 the an excellent Reddit thread, but they’re still accessible for free. The said, are fans asking about options because that streaming NFL games online for free?

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