A complete makeup heat of commodities inspired by our favourite stories? now that is a major dream come true for me! ns a huge bookworm so once I witnessed Storybook Cosmetics announce they had big plans v collabs and also products, i constantly stalked your Instagram account. They an initial launched a set of wand shaped makeup pen which ns was lucky to seize in the an initial release. Then they announced castle were working on this palette that I’m around to evaluation for girlfriend all! ns was therefore happy to preorder and although shipping commenced a few months ~ preordered, it was well worth the wait!


About the Brand

Storybook Cosmetics was developed by 3 sisters – castle triplets in fact – Erin, Mandy, and Missy! they went viral in October 2016 with their wand shaped brushes! due to the fact that then, they’ve to be working extremely hard come create and also deliver peak of the line commodities inspired by stories. Currently, their shop features Wizard Wand Brush Sets, Bullseye Brush Sets, what’s In A name Brush Set, and the Wizardry and Witchcraft zero Palette!

About the Product

This is a magical palette featuring a custom hardcover storybook through a dozen extremely pigmented matte, metallic and also pearl eyeshadows. The cruelty-free, long wear, buttery smooth zero formula have the right to be offered wet or dry. Mix and also match to concoct your favorite spellbinding look.

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Mystical shades include:Broomstick: rusty brown (matte), Sorcerer: ruby red (metallic), Cloak: graphite grey (matte), Potions: emerald environment-friendly (metallic), Prophecy: pearly white (pearl), Salem: frosted pewter (pearl), Merlin: sapphire blue (metallic), Bewitched: coppery yellow (metallic), Cauldron: charcoal black color (frost), spell Book: well-off mahogany (pearl), Charms: shell pink (matte) and Jinx: shimmering silver (metallic).

Thepatent pending Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow color board Book™ functions a gorgeous vintage format storybook finish with yellow foil details and also full-sized mirror. This one of a kind book is worthy of any beauty archive.


Cost and Shipping

This palette costs $52 and also Storybook Cosmetics ships an international excluding China, Thailand, Mexico, and also South America. Some assets may be accessible to united state only due to licensing restrictions.


When I first saw sneak peeks that this product, I believed the packaging looked bulky. The architecture seemed cute and all but I wasn’t certain if I’d favor the idea that shadows in a bulky publication shaped palette. However, I had full confidence in these talented ladies and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! The palette come in a sleeve and also both come in a pouch through their logo design in the center.

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The color board is the perfect size and also the vintage style with yellow foil details is past stunning!

I love the detailing the went behind the packaging through the quote they have right listed below the mirror inside!



The formula is buttery and the shade range is what I had actually hoped it would certainly be – magical. I found all the shades to it is in blendable and pigmented. The metallics ands ships are more pigmented than the mattes, yet that’s other I tend to intend with all palettes. The swatches space without primer and one class of product. I love the there’s a gold and silver, green and blue, and basically simply a bunch of various colors i associate this design template with!


Final Thoughts

I had pretty high expectations because that this palette. Not just the formula, but the packaging as well. I know I won’t usage this palette daily however I knew that prior to purchasing the palette. I love supporting indie brands, particularly brands with great customer service and a team of human being who love what they do and care about their customers and also fans. The team behind Storybook Cosmetics does just this! i’m looking front to your upcoming projects that space planned to release this year in addition to what else they have coming down the road.

What are your think on Storybook Cosmetics and also their Wizardry and also Witchcraft Palette? girlfriend can examine out every their products here!