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"Stop! My prick Can Only acquire So Erect is a memorable quote uttered by Dr. Algernop Krieger ~ above the American man television series Archer. The moment when Krieger says the heat has due to the fact that been offered as a reaction virtual to express good excitement.


On February 14th, 2013, the Archer illustration "Vicious Coupling" aired in the unified States.<1> In the episode, Archer and also Dr. Krieger (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin and also Lucky Yates, respectively) have the adhering to exchange:

Archer: But, if you don"t wanna see 2 robots wrecking each various other with cop cars and shit, as they fight to the death through the roadways of Manhattan--Dr. Krieger: Bup bup bup bup bup – Stop. My penis can only get so erect!"Viscous Coupling", Season 4

On September 21st, 2013, YouTuber Andrew Spradbrow common a video of the clip. The post received much more than 182,000 views in a tiny over six years (shown below).


On October 18th, 2013, Imgur user Oddmonster post a GIF the Dr. Krieger shirtless and captioned the post "Stop. My penis can only obtain so erect." The write-up received an ext than 10,000 see (shown below).

Stop. My dick can only gain so erect.

On April 24th, 2014, a GIF of the scene was posted top top the website Tenor<2> (shown below).


On October 30th, 2016, Redditor <3> shovelware posted photo of two people dressed Dr. Krieger and also his online girlfriend Mitsuko Miyazumi on the /r/ArcherFX subreddit. The picture was captioned "Stop. My cock can only gain so erect." and also received much more than 480 clues (95% upvoted) in less than three years (shown below, left).

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On September 23rd, 2018, Instagram <4> user
nhl_ref_logic used the reaction as the solution to a post about the mountain Jose Sharks hockey team. The article received more than 18,000 likes in less than two years (shown below, right).