Steam won"t let girlfriend buy the same product twice (without it being a gift). Because that your certain case v the through the Potato Sack load containing things you currently own, on the product listing it mentions:

About this game

Already very own one or an ext of the games in this pack? not to worry, friend can give your extra copy of any kind of game in this fill to a friend.

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Extra duplicates are essentially the exact same as gifts, and also you can freely give them come whomever friend want. The recipient require not have actually a heavy steam account, the email steam sends will certainly instruct them how to do an account.

However, you are by no method guaranteed to acquire extra copies when you acquisition a fill containing gamings you own; the vapor KB mentions

Extra copies are not provided in many cases.

Only titles purchased in unique promotions together outlined listed below are eligible because that giftable extra copies

It perform a couple of (Orange Box, L4D packs, Dawn of battle II), but obviously if the product page explicitly mentions so, climate that would certainly take precedence. Additionally, the cost of a load is not prorated, nevertheless of you currently owning some components of it.

For some games at least, steam will inform you the this overlap (and loss) when you"re reviewing (before) her purchase. Because that example, below, I already have Far Cry (1), so when I buy the Far Cry Franchise fill (includes 1-3), I"m efficiently wasting that little bit of it.


In order come gift the preventive copies, in the Steam customer go to Games >> Manage Gifts and Guest Passes... there it will list every the extra copies you need to give, and also you can either give them to someone rather (or yourself, if you don"t have it).


As of march 2016, vapor now subtracts the price that owned gamings from bundles, so you don"t need to re-buy them.

"Past complete Packs were sometimes a negative deal because that customers that currently one or much more of the commodities in the pack," Valve added. "Either it made negative economic feeling for those customers to purchase the pack, or they simply felt bad about doing so because it favor they to be paying for assets they currently . The brand-new Steam Bundles device addresses this.

In fact, here"s a bundle perceived from my own account:


And indigenous incognito:


Note just how the basic price that the bundle is about $5 cheaper as soon as I"m logged in.


However, it"s vital to note that vapor makes a difference between "bundles" and "packages".

Packages space a solved price - if you already own miscellaneous in it, you dont get a reduced price or a 2nd copy.Bundles will certainly take out content you currently own and change the price accordingly.

-moistly harmless, Jul 2, 2017

With packages, the prices are fixed, and also you salary the complete price no matter what. Therefore it would be silly to to buy the game and then purchase the game + OST package. Due to the fact that you"d it is in paying for the game twice and only gaining one copy.

Before to buy the game:


And after:


That base price won"t budge.

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...I simply bought a game to highlight a point.

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