Choosing the right base in State of decay 2 requires cautious planning and resource management, and is a job made less complicated by knowing about all the bases in a provided area. There are right now three maps that players have the right to survive on, and those are: Drucker County, Cascade Hills, and Meagher Valley. Each of this maps host several bases, and also finding the best one is vital for enduring the undead horde.

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All Bases in Drucker County

Drucker ar is a large area complete of fields,rocky plateaus, and also several locations containing densely clustered buildings. Spread out out around this region are 6 optional bases with a seventh base that is required as component of the story. Every of these bases sit at among the main points that the map, though selecting a base at the leaf will typical a higher distance should be travelled to collect resources or help other enclaves. Out of all the available bases in the area, the finest base in Drucker ar is maybe the Barricaded piece Mall. Despite it might not have actually the ideal location, it does boast the most facility slots, which will make the community"s life much easier as the game progresses.

Before a new base can be claimed, every the rooms and areas need to be entered, and also then all the zombies should be killed. A respond to will show up at the peak of the display screen displaying the quantity of rooms that need to be checked and how countless have been cleared.

Vogel House


This is the very first base accessible in Drucker County, and also is uncovered in the middle of the map. It’s the straightforward base available at every locations, offering just three small slots for added base building. The only means to complement this base is toclaim outposts to change the function of particular facilities prefer farms and latrines.

Barricaded piece Mall


The Barricaded piece Mall is discovered in the phibìc area the Drucker County and also is one of the more expensive bases in the entire area, inquiry a huge 3,500 influence and also eight survivors to unlock. However, this high price brings with it a many existing framework and accessible slots. Make certain you knowhow to earn much more influence clues to assist you unlock this basic faster.

Employee BathroomSheltered beds 23x ParkingTae-Kwon-Do GymHigh-End KitchenUrgent CareLaundromat (clearable)3x huge Slots1x small Outdoor Slot

Wheelhouse truck Stop


The Wheelhouse Truck avoid is located on the western side of Drucker County and will collection players earlier 1,000 influence and also requires five survivors. As result of the cheap price that the Wheelhouse truck Stop, don’t expect a lot of of accessible building slots.

Outdoor BedsRestaurant KitchenHuge Fuel StorageSeating Area (clearable)Seating Area (clearable)4x ParkingAuto Shop1x large Slot

Mike’s Concrete


Another base have the right to be built in Mike’s Concrete, a building in the west that Drucker County. This site offers a pair of large outdoor slots and a couple of sheltered beds. Provided that the base is situated on the sheet of the map provides it easier to accessibility main roads. Claiming this base requires 1,500 influence and also six survivors.

Sheltered BedsSheltered bed 2Machine Shop4x ParkingHuge Fuel StorageBackup Generator2x huge Slots1x small Indoor Slot2x little Outdoor Slots

Cabin Park Motel


Another base deserve to be situated in the deep southern of Drucker County. The Cabin Park Motel is a fairly priced (1,000 influence and also five survivors) basic that provides a little step-up in an are from the starting community. Including the clearable areas, the Cabin Park Motel offers 5 slots for infrastructure to be built, which need to come in handy as soon as trying come improve community morale.

Sheltered bed 2Heavy monitor (clearable)Country KitchenOld Well2x ParkingSeating Area (clearable)2x huge Slots1x tiny Indoor Slots

Wally’s Bar and also Grill

Wally’s Bar and also Grill is an additional base in Drucker County that is located in the middle-east area the the map. This is situated next to a main road and also a dirt road, and given its central location, provides it simple to with other areas of the map. This basic is likewise exceptionally cheap to acquire, costing only 500 influence and also four survivors. However, since of that cheap cost, that doesn’t have actually the best slots or existing framework such as sheltered beds, definition beds should be developed as one out-of-pocket expense.

Bar and Grill2x ParkingSeating Area (clearable)Seating Area (clearable)1x huge Slot2x little Outdoor Slots

Knight’s household Drive-In

Knight’s family Drive-In is located on the very eastern side of Drucker County and also offers its very own kind of strengthened walls. This potential base site has ample parking through a primary emphasis on smaller slot sizes. Claiming the drive-in as the basic will price 1,000 influence and requires 6 survivors, however it’s worth it for the verticality the the area.

4x ParkingGate TowerEmployee BathroomConcession KitchenDrive-in Theater1x big Slot1x little Indoor Slot3x little Outdoor Slots

All Bases in Cascade Hills

Cascade Hills is the many mountainous region in State of decay 2, and every one of the bases are fairly spread out, with the exception being the three planted right around the middle. As for the finest base in the area, the award goes come the Container fort with that high-level facilities and its huge quantity of accessible slots.

Justineau House

The Justineau house is the first, and also free, base players will receive upon beginning Cascade Hills. This has the exact same setup as every various other starter base, however for the uninitiated, it has three tiny outdoor slots for facilities to be built.

Bridge Fort

Bridge fort is most likely to it is in the following base that is found, as it is on the southerly bridge that the cross the eastern river in the love of Cascade Hills. With only 500 influence and four survivors needed to case it, Bridge ft is a decent early-game acquisition.

Sheltered Beds3x ParkingWestern WatchpostEastern Watchpost1x huge Slot1x tiny Indoor Slot2x small Outdoor Slots

Church top top the Hill

Church top top the Hill is located in the center of Cascade Hills, come the left that the east river. A slight step-up in price from bridge Fort, Church ~ above the Hill requires 1,000 influence and five survivors, despite it does sell an elevated position and also quite a few facility slots.

Bell Tower4x ParkingPews (clearable)Pews (clearable)1x big Slot1x little Indoor Slot2x little Outdoor Slots

Container Fort

Container Fort, as stated in the Cascade Hills arrival above, is likely going to it is in the prime real estate in the area. This consists of the ideal pre-installed facilities and several slot for base upgrades. The only downsides come the Container fort are the costs and the lack of beds. Declare this base calls for 3,500 influence and also eight survivors.

Firesafe storage 33x ParkingWorkshop 32x huge Slots5x small Outdoor Slots

Loch and also Keogh self Storage

Loch and also Keogh self Storage is uncovered in the northwest area that Cascade Hills and also offers quite a couple of built-in facilities. There are likewise a few rooms in the base that have the right to be cleared the end for better expansions. Declare this base calls for 1,500 influence and also six survivors.

Elaborate Storage2x Sheltered BedsSecret Distillery3x Parking1x WatchtowerAbandoned Locker (clearable)Abandoned Locker (clearable)1x big Slot2x small Outdoor Slots

Corner Office

The edge Office is one of the three bases located in the center of Cascade Hills. To discover this base, head between the two rivers and also strike out north. Gift in the center of the map has actually its benefits as it allows for easy access to all areas of the map there is no requiring too lot fuel consumption. To unlock the edge Office base, football player will require 1,000 influence and five survivors.

Chic Eatery KitchenOverlookSheltered Beds2x Parking1x huge Slot1x small Indoor Slot3x small Outdoor Slots

Mohr and also Mohr Distributing

Mohr and Mohr Distributing is one outlier in the arsenal of bases in Cascade Hills as it can not be found by climb a survey tower. To find this base, players will have to manually journey to the northeast the the map and also look the end for the basic on the right-hand side of the road. Despite its far location, the Mohr and Mohr Distributing base boasts a couple of choice facilities and expansion slots, and for the short price that 1,500 influence and also six survivors.

Sheltered BedsSheltered bed 2Machine Shop4x ParkingHuge Fuel StorageBackup Generator2x big Slots1x little Indoor Slot2x tiny Outdoor Slots

All Bases in Meagher Valley

Meagher sink is a relatively open area, complete of fields and wind turbines. Most buildings appear to still it is in intact, and also there is small military presence felt about the area. This is also the most basic map come navigate, provided the fairly straight roads that often tend to cut across the map nicely. The end of all the easily accessible bases, the best base in Meagher valley would need to be Whitney field located to the south. This offers the most beds as well as several slot for facilities.

Clarington House

Much prefer Vogel and also Justineau house, Clarington home is the first free base that have the right to be asserted upon getting to Meagher Valley. This is most likely going to it is in a quick pit-stop because that the community prior to requiring a major upgrade in space.

Mazzara Farm

Mazzara farm is located in the facility of Meager Valley, top top the eastern bank of the main river. This reasonably-priced base uses several basic slots, though like most of the various other bases top top this map, lacks pre-built bedding. Declare Mazzara Farm together a base calls for 1,000 influence and five survivors.

Country KitchenWell HouseCrewhouseGrain Silo Storage2x Parking2x large Slots1x small Indoor Slot2x little Outdoor Slots

Squelones imminent Company

Squelones Brewing agency is nestled in the middle of Meagher Valley, right close to the L-bend of the map’s northern limits. Costing a tidy 1,500 influence and also requiring 6 survivors, this base uses several basic slots as well as a water tank, terrific addition to any base. This is going to it is in a good choice for a neighborhood that wants to leave Clarington home as shortly as possible, specifically given its close proximity come the starter base.

Tasting Room3x ParkingPrimary StillCraft StillWater TankKeg Cooperage (clearable)1x big Slot3x little Indoor Slots2x small Outdoor Slots

Rural Police Station

Found come the north of the map, the rural Police Station expenses the same as a couple of of the other bases in Meagher Valley, however it offers much more weapon-specific facilities. Any kind of community that desires to relocate below will require 1,000 influence and five survivors to do this base your home.

4x ParkingPolice ArmoryDoorless CellsSecure LockersCheckpoint2x big Slots1x small Indoor Slot2x little Outdoor Slot

Country Church

The nation Church is situated in the northwest area of Meagher Valley, along the main road bring about the guideline of the region. This base costs a measly 500 influence and also requires 4 survivors. Due to the fact that of the low cost, the country Church lacks some an easy facilities such together beds, yet it does have actually a couple of clearable rooms.

3x ParkingFront Pews (clearable)Community Food BankWatchpostRear Pews (clearable)1x large Slots1x little Outdoor Slots

Camp Kelenqua

Located in the west the Meagher Valley, Camp Kelenqua is a decent early-game base providing several slots of facilities. The fence of this reasonably cheap base is that it has zero sheltered beds, an interpretation the complimentary slots need to be specialized to areas for the survivors come sleep. Declare Camp Kelenqua requires 1,000 influence and five survivors.

Heavy trash (clearable)Cafeteria KitchenOld Well2x ParkingBunkhouseSeating Area (clearable)2x big Slots2x little Indoor Slots

Whitney Field

As pointed out in the Meagher valley introduction, Whitney ar is may be the finest base in the area, and also its cost reflects this. Any kind of community that desires to make Whitney ar their home will need 3,500 influence and also eight survivors. The benefits of Whitney field are in its several sheltered beds the come pre-installed and its 5 facility slots.

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Sheltered bed 2Announcer BoxFortified BleachersOutdoor bed 2Outdoor Beds4x ParkingFortified Bleachers3x huge Slots2x little Outdoor Slots

There are rather a few potential bases scattered about the three maps in State of degeneration 2, and all of them sell excellent options for expansion. Choose the ideal base comes under to an individual preference, despite the much more expensive a basic is, the better it will certainly be for the long-term. Beside from building the base and helping survivors, it’s necessary to knowhow to ruin plague mind so the State of degeneration 2’s “win state” have the right to be achieved.

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