Heaven on Earth

Borne out of a few members from tough rock Christian band obelisk deciding upon a side project which has now turned into a permanent ministry, Stars go Dim have been one of pop/rock’s greatest secrets till now. Releasing Love gone Mad and Between Here and also Now back in 2008 and 2011 respectively, that was their signing come Word Entertainment in ~ the beginning of 2015 that led to quite possibly one of the biggest label debuts the any new artist the that certain year. Their self titled debut album released in October 2015 digitally and January 2016 physically, the led to plenty of sought-after radio singles choose ‘You room Loved’, ‘Walking prefer Giants’, their not-that-popular-yet-still-popular-in-Australia ‘Stars’ and also their retake on hymn ‘Doxology’; us are now met with Chris Cleveland, the command singer the the band, transferring yet another new track, title ‘Heaven top top Earth’. Native a new album in the future, or just a non-album solitary that is a pre-cursor to their brand-new album? that knows. The cover of the single only attributes Chris ~ above the cover, and also leads myself even to wonder- is Stars go Dim currently a one-man-show? We have seen bands go from bands to a tape of one person in years gone by, Plumb in particular way back in the day. And also we’ve also seen bands of simply one person from the beginning, Owl City gift a element example. Nevertheless, ns guess it no really issue whether Stars walk Dim is chris Cleveland and co. Or simply Chris himself and that’s it. What matters is the the brand-new music is flowing and while this brand-new song is simply a tad under 3 minutes, the heart and message is however something us all have to hear especially during this time as a nation and as a people united to view heaven invade earth and bring God’s presence into cases that is really much needed at this suggest in time!

While there has been a change in musical genre, from once Stars go Dim was simply a couple of guys from Pillar, til now; the heart and message is quiet the same. Command singer chris Cleveland, vocally remind me the Justin Engler from Abandon, Samuel Jay Hancock indigenous Luminate, and also worship artist Phil Wickham; delivers ‘Heaven on Earth’ through fervent passion and also enthusiasm, also if the music in the background appears to be a little electronically drawn out and also light in compare to much of the music ~ above their self titled debut album. If what ns rated on their debut album was 4.5/5, I’d rate this one 3.5 not because of the message and the lyrical content by any means. In fact, i reckon this track ‘Heaven top top Earth’ has actually some the the most complicated lyrics i have heard throughout every one of 2018 thus far- ‘…take mine life and also let the be, collection on fire for every to see, break me down, develop me up again, don’t leaving me the method I’ve been, take it my heart right into Your hands, come and also finish what friend began, til I look for Your kingdom first, til ns shine, shine prefer heaven top top earth…’

These lyrics over ought not to be sung lightly, as we realise that it is in the minute of surrendering our own plans that we find that together we seek the points not the this world and also not that ourselves however to check out the heart and follow what that longs to lug to fruition in society today, we deserve to be complimentary of expectations placed upon united state by our parents and even ourselves. Every we have to do is be a an excellent follower, and shine like heaven on earth, being a conduit that His love come everyone us meet. Chris, despite he’s yielded a track that sadly has found me wanting musically, has actually nevertheless delivered something the a lyrical genius as we are forced to think of even if it is we are really living for Him or not. Even if it is our lives are a enjoy of what He has actually done for us; or whether there’s really a change at all. Serious stuff. In fact, simply hear the song, and also make a judgement yourselves. And also while ns at it, let me simply say that since of the too much CCM nature that the track, I expect this song to be a shoe-in on WOW hits 2019…even though the music isn’t really that groundbreaking!

So over there you have it… ‘Heaven ~ above Earth’, by Stars walk Dim…or must I fairly say, by chris Cleveland that Stars go Dim? Or simply Chris Cleveland? Nevertheless, chris has carried to the table heart and passion, also if the musical undertone leaves a tiny to be desired. Still, civilization will nonetheless be blessed, together I am. However I still can’t shake turn off the fact, the the music needs to be together engaging together the lyrics, that for a tune to it is in captivating and also groundbreaking, both the music and also the lyrics need to be heartfelt, and also for Stars walk Dim, only the text were so. As a package, i have heard various other songs with a comparable theme (‘Heaven is wherein You Are’- Erik Nieder, ‘Heaven’- Delirious?, ‘Heaven loss Down’- Phil Wickham, ‘Heaven in the actual World’- Steven Curtis Chapman), all of which have stood the end for me much an ext than this new one by Stars go Dim. Nevertheless, that’s no to say the this tune doesn’t have a hard score- it does. 3.5 in a holistic feeling isn’t that bad.

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The song just leaves me v wanting more from the band, wanting me to have a sense of a ‘wow’ aspect that i did as soon as I heard songs like ‘All ns Have’, ‘Walking favor Giants’, even ‘Doxology’, every from your debut album. Still, this is hoping Chris and also the team carry to the table something more unique musically and also something just as touching lyrically together Stars go Dim all set their sophomore album release on indigenous Label team in the near future!