Star Wars Episode 1: Ranking Every The Phantom Menace Poster If you"re a Star Wars fan then be sure to check out these awesome posters from Episode I: The Phantom Menace as we rank them all.

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When rumors started circulating that George Lucas was planning on creating another Star Wars trilogy to take place before the events of one of cinemas greatest in the form of the original trilogy, fans were in a fever pitch. The saga was finally continuing, and the story of the fall of Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi was coming, kicking off with The Phantom Menace.

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The marketing and excitement for the movie led to it becoming one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, and until The Force Awakens was the highest-grossing of the Skywalker saga. The merchandise the film spawned was insane, and it somehow took Star Wars to a whole new level. One of the many tools used to create such excitement for the film was its posters, some of which were phenomenal.

The Phantom Menace did not make up the entirety of its gross from just its original theatrical release in 1999. It got announced that in 2011 that there would be a 3D rerelease of the film set to hit theatres in 2012, which ended up making the movie an extra $102,739,593 to add to its total worldwide gross.

Coinciding with the movie"s rerelease in 3D was a series of new posters to advertise the film. This one is pretty basic, showing just the title of the movie, with Darth Maul and his lightsaber filling out the rest of it. It is a pretty bland poster, and the film produced there much better.

7 IN 3D

The classic style Star Wars posters, the ones you find on DVD covers, the main of the film, is usually just a composition of the characters and features of the film. They are always great to see, but the one that got presented in a similar style for the rerelease of The Phantom Menace was arguably the weakest of any similar.

Podracing, properly CGI Yoda, the Emperor in the background, and Darth Maul front and center are all cool parts. However, the poster as a whole is pretty weak, the bottom section is good, but the rest seems pretty bare, with very few characters randomly dotted across it, and even an empty space in the right-hand corner.

Darth Maul only truly became one of Star Wars" best characters when he dropped the Darth and returned in The Clone Wars and Rebels (as well as the comics, etc.) as just Maul. One thing that held him back in terms of the movie was his lack of material.

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He had only a couple of lines in the entire movie. One of them takes center stage on this poster, which is just Maul"s face filling the space. Over his face reads part of the famous quote, "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi." The poster is simple, intimidating, and while nothing special in terms of design, still does its job.


Sticking with the 3D rerelease posters, this one remains simple but is superior to those that have come before. It sticks with the common denominator of all these posters so far, and that is Maul appearing, but this time with other characters.

The central characters of The Phantom Menace are all shown here in blue lightsaber-esque light. Maul, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Padmé, and Anakin appear alongside a Naboo starfighter, but only fill up around half the image; the logo fills up the remaining space. It is not the most magnificent poster of all time, but it is pretty cool.

This poster - again, of course, coming from the 3D rerelease - is similar to the previous poster shown. This one has the same characters but has important design changes that make it far better to the blue one.

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What makes it so much better is the fact that the characters reside in one of Darth Maul"s lightsaber blades. The red blade diagonally across the poster and the hilt of the saber as well as the visible grip of Maul as well as merely having the eye of Maul at the tip of the blade make the poster stand out.


The classic Star Wars posters that everyone knows and everyone recognizes received mention earlier. They are illustrations of a collection of characters and features of the movie in question, and coming in at third on this list is that poster for The Phantom Menace.

There is nothing about The Phantom Menace classic poster that is incredibly unique compared to the rest of the Skywalker saga filmography. However, it is still great and is a welcome sight by any Star Wars fan.

There are at least two parts of The Phantom Menace that hold up for just about every fan as being great. One of those features that are, of course, phenomenal is the Duel of the Fates; the other, though, is the podracing sequence.

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That is what takes center stage in the best of the 3D rerelease posters. It is simple. It is just a shot of the final stretch of the Boonta Eve Classic, a battle between Anakin and Sebulba. The podracers stick out of the poster, and it is just a great poster.


The prequels have a lot of stuff going on between the galactic politics, the fall of the Jedi Order, and the Clone War. But, what the story is about, is the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker as he goes from slave to Padawan to Jedi to Darth Vader.

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That is represented painfully and beautifully in the best of The Phantom Menace"s posters. It is showing a young Anakin standing on the hopeless sand of Tatooine in front of what looks like the classic homestead, with the glaring twin suns beaming a shadow. The shadow, of course, is that of what Anakin will soon become, Star Wars" most iconic character, Darth Vader.