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Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Lucas arts Publisher: Lucas arts ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: April 8, 2008

1-Starkiller hilt-automatic2-Cylindrical hilt-Raxus element act 1-when you come to a clearing v a many breakable boxes and also the AT-ST head, there is a ledge and the hilt is increase there. Take a nearby box or two to aid you obtain up there. 3-Rahm Kota hilt-Jedi temple act 2-when you obtain to the main hall whereby all the storm troopers room there will certainly be a damaged pillar top top the ground to the left. The hilt is behind it. 4-Sha"ak Ti hilt-Felucia action 1-after you fight the very first rancor the hilt will appear on a fungus pad attatched to the mountainside. 5-Kento Marek (Starkillers father) hilt-Nar Shadaa-as your progressing between bar scenes fighting henchmen you"ll an alert arches end each that the passages. The hilt is above the arches. 6-Spike hilt-Kashyyk-theres one area with where the path split about this mountain. Look because that the wookie ~ above tourette, he"s looking at it. 7-Darth Vader hilt-Felucia act 2-after the bull rancor fight you"ll be advanced to the spot wherein you have to force push the passage open, there is a fungus ~ above the mountain side and also the hilt is increase there. 8-Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine) hilt-Raxus element act 2-this one takes part work. When you gain to the area wherein you hit the AT-ST, over there is a ledge over the leaving passage. To obtain to it you have to damage the manage consoles, which consequently will damage the two AT-ST"s nearest come the ledge and open hatches whereby they were. Go up v the hatches and also turn to the ledge. Yes a slanted edge the will reason you come slide under if you stand still, but what friend will execute is run to the edge and jump then dual jump. The tricky however you should gain it. You"ll likewise find a blue decision there. 9-Obi Wan hilt-cloud city-when you acquire to the 2nd area with windows, you have to break the windows and its at the end of the ledge. (notice how every little thing is on a ledge)10-Anakin Skywalker hilt-Death Star-when you cross the very first bridge you will certainly see two doors that you will need to use force push to open. The door come the appropriate will have actually the hilt inside.hope this help"s all of ya"ll who have actually been lookin because that the hilts. If you need an ext info please email me and also ill assist you as ideal as i can. Enjoy.

The every Cristals

Go to Juno and also put in Luminara for every crystals and it will work.

Secret about The every Costumes Cheat

When you placed in the every Costumes cheat, the doesn"t provide you the Darth Maul costume. For this reason after you get in the all Costumes cheat, go into the Darth Maul cheat.

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Try and also collect all Holocrons by damaging every movable thing.When you look at every Holocron you have actually at the Rouge Shadow"sextra menu, some pictures could have a word on the optimal right-hand corner. Those words are actually cheats the you can go into inthe extra menu.